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Paragliding is a popular tourist activity in Himachal Pradesh
The death of a woman has raised concerns about the safety of paragliding activities in the country and prompted a closer examination of the regulations and practices governing this adventure sport
Paragliding in the Bavarian Alps in Germany
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Some of the best paragliding locations in the world can be found in Europe. Enjoy breathtaking scenery and amazing experiences at these places where paragliding records are made and broken
The tourism sector welcomed the initiatives taken by the administration for encouraging the business of tourism
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The festival is not only aimed at luring visitors to these quaint spots, but also aid the local artisans and the local economy
Two paragliding flight tests were conducted in Panchkula region by the BSF team
Two paragliding test flights were conducted by BSF personnel to inspect the region
Jampui Hills
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Let's delve into the mesmerising beauty and cultural richness of Jampui Hills, a destination that deserves a place on every traveller's bucket list
The competition will follow the Pre-World Cup held in 2018
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130 contestants from different countries around the world will participate in the event held from February 10 to 16
Goa offers an unique paragliding experience for visitors
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Take to the skies and soar the open expanse with the birds at these gorgeous locations around India. That is what paragliding is all about
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The 15km Akhaura-Agartala cross-border train link will significantly shorten travel time between Kolkata and the northeast states
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Under the three eco-tourism projects in Punjab, visitors can experience activities like camping, water sports, nature trails, bird watching, and jeep safari
Spiti valley of Himachal Pradesh
Nidhi Kadere
Whether looking for a family holiday or a solo adventure, these villages will make your winter vacation memorable. Here are 10 pretty Himachal villages that you should visit this winter
New Travel Trend 'Hobbiday'
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A rising new trend, 'Hobbiday' is a combination of 'hobby' and 'holiday' for vacations that go beyond the usual
Malabar River Festival
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As these events unfold across the stunning landscapes of Kerala, the state is poised to emerge as a global hotspot for adventure tourism
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