All About The New Travel Trend 'Hobbiday'

A rising new trend, 'Hobbiday' is a combination of 'hobby' and 'holiday' for vacations that go beyond the usual
New Travel Trend 'Hobbiday'
New Travel Trend 'Hobbiday'Shutterstock

In 2024, travel isn't just about visiting a location; it is about seeping into the experience. After the COVID era, holiday preferences have shifted, and the days of being confined at home, with the constant reminder of the pandemic, prompted reevaluating how we spend our leisure time. It is no longer about lounging on a beach or quick getaways. Travel has evolved to include experiences.

The current trend in 2024 is "Hobbiday," a blend of 'hobby' and 'holiday' for vacations that go beyond the usual. This pattern is gaining traction as individuals prioritise mental health and seek personally enriching experiences during their leisure time. Travellers are now willing to invest additional funds in tailored itineraries that address their interests and preferences.

New Travel Trend 'Hobbiday'
New Travel Trend 'Hobbiday'Shutterstock

Hobbiday Activities

Hobbiday activities encompass a variety of options like baking, crafts, gardening, trekking, painting, singing, cooking, pottery, and others. Travellers can select destinations that facilitate their chosen activity depending on the hobby. For instance, in Kerala, tourists can engage in yoga training, traditional dance forms, mountaineering, fishing, paragliding, bird watching, hiking, boating, kayaking, and trekking. Tourists should verify the availability of their chosen activity during their travel dates and plan their holidays and hobbidays accordingly.

Tips To Plan A Hobbiday

When planning a holiday, travellers need to ensure they have the necessary equipment for their chosen hobby. They should assess their health for physical activities considering the potential impact of climate and food changes. Checking online reviews helps confirm the credibility and pricing of the chosen service provider, and exploring alternative options in the area is advisable.

New Travel Trend 'Hobbiday'
New Travel Trend 'Hobbiday'Shutterstock

What Do Experts Say?

Psychotherapists assert that engaging in hobbies aids in distancing oneself from stress, allowing the brain to relax and avoid burnout. When combined with holidays, integrating hobbies into vacations offers a fulfilling experience that supports self-care and mental well-being. Consider transforming your next holiday into a hobbiday for a more enriching and rejuvenating experience.

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