Snowfall In Aharbal, Kashmir, Prompts A Surge In Tourist Arrivals

Since January, the Valley's upper reaches have experienced fresh snowfall. Recently, the snowfall in Aharbal, Kashmir, has caught the interest of tourists looking to experience a white winter
Aharbal, Kashmir

Aharbal, a lesser-known hill station in the Kashmir Valley, recently received significant snowfall, leading to a surge in tourist arrivals. The hill station is recognised for its impressive waterfall and is sometimes called the Niagara Falls of Kashmir.

Situated approximately 27 km from Kulgam in South Kashmir, Aharbal draws attention from residents and distant visitors following the recent snowfall. According to reports, the tourist spot saw a sizeable increase in visitor numbers last year, reaching a record-breaking 3,10,000 tourists. This marked a substantial threefold rise compared to previous years.

The Kulgam district administration is reportedly gearing up for a winter carnival in the upcoming days. The festival will include various activities to draw more tourists to Aharbal.

 Aharbal Waterfall
Aharbal WaterfallShutterstock

Authorities are encouraging tourists to visit and witness the beauty of this winter location, emphasising that all routes to the destination are clear of snow and that there is sufficient accommodation and facilities for both local visitors and tourists.

Recent snowfall in the higher areas of the Valley has increased the demand for Kashmir, as tourists are making bulk bookings for the upcoming weeks. The past two months saw a winter without snow, impacting tourism. Bookings declined during this period, with many tourists delaying or cancelling their trips due to the absence of snow. Since January, the Valley's upper reaches have experienced new snowfall, resulting in a resurgence of tourist activity in Kashmir.

About Aharbal

Besides snow-clad hills, Aharbal offers expeditions, trekking, photography, and fishing. The meadows, pine and fir tree forests, along with the snowy mountains, contribute to the attraction of the waterfall, drawing Indian and international tourists.

Himalayan Nature Park at Aharbal in Kashmir
Himalayan Nature Park at Aharbal in KashmirShutterstock

When To Go?

The road to Kulgam remains accessible all year round. The stretch to the Aharbal waterfall might be obstructed during intense snowfall, but generally, it stays open.

Where To Stay?

Besides the JK Tourism Resort, there are limited accommodation choices in Aharbal. A day trip is typically recommended as it allows for a convenient return to Srinagar or any other nearby destination by evening.

Getting There

Kulgam, a district without an airport, relies on the Srinagar Airport (SXR), located 68 km away, for air travel. For train transportation, the nearest railhead is in Anantnag, which is 19 km from Kulgam. Anantnag offers regular train services, providing an alternative to reaching Kulgam. Road travel is facilitated by regular buses connecting Srinagar to Kulgam, and tourists can also opt for taxis from Srinagar for a quick journey to Aharabal.

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