Visa On Arrival Travel To These 33 Destinations On An Indian Passport

Done dealing with visa hassles Here are 33 hassle free options
These 33 destinations offer visa on arrival
These 33 destinations offer visa on arrival

According to Henley&rsquos passport index, India ranks 82nd&nbspand has access to travel to 59 destinations across the world without having to worry about a visa. Following are the 33 countries you can travel to that offer Indian passport holders visa on arrival. So pack your bags and go 


Cambodia Low lying plains, mountain scapes, landscapes, deltas and the legacy of a kingdom. Are there any more reasons you need to visit The contemporary culture in Cambodia also has its roots dated back in history, making it an ancient yet modern in its approach. 

Visa on Arrival (VoA) validity 90 days  Stay Validity 30 days

Laos The confluence of Asian, French and Buddhist cultures all within the same boundary make Laos a fine example of potpourri of cultures. While in Laos, you will be spoilt with choice as the Northern, Central and Southern parts of the country have a lot to offer.

VoA validity 30 days  Stay Validity 30 days

Maldives Catching the eye of the tourists in the span of last five years, Maldives is a tropical region in the Indian Ocean and hasn&rsquot ever disappointed. The pristine beaches, clear lagoons and unexploited and extensive reefs are what you should go for here.

VoA validity 30 days  Stay Validity 30 days   

Myanmar Formerly Burma and India&rsquos neighbour, now Myanmar offers a cultural expedition. Apart from that they country is known for its bustling markets and lakes and the very famous gilded pagodas.

VoA validity 90 days  Stay Validity 28 days

Sri Lanka Apart from being a paradise for those into mythology, Sri Lanka offers well kept beaches, diverse landscapes and a strange kind of familiarity. While you are there do not miss soaking in the history as the country has ruins from 2,000 years ago.

VoA validity 90 days  Stay Validity 30 days

Thailand One of the most popular tourist destinations from India, Thailand is the perfect beach getaway. While on one hand you can cherish the serenity of the islands, on the other you can comfortably give in to the nightlife. Do not forget to indulge in the local street side delicacies as well as the high end Asian restaurants. Currently, Indian travellers have no visa fees to pay in Thailand. 

VoA validity 15 days   Stay Validity 15 days

Timor-Leste This Southeast Asian nation fought as recently as 2002 to obtain an independent status. Hence the country has a lot to grasp in terms of history. Apart from that the abundant marine life and coral reefs only make it better.

VoA validity 30 days   Stay Validity 30 days


Cape Verde Island Situated on volcanic archipelago in Africa, Cape Verde is home to Potugese-African culture, traditional music as well as rich cultural history. One should spend a couple of days here in order to experience and absorb it fully.

VoA validity 30 days  Stay Validity 30 days

Comoros Islands The islands, forming an archipelago of volcanic islands, are absolutely raw and untouched in terms of tourist exploitation. A perfectly calm experience, Comoro Islands should be ticked off your bucket list.

VoA validity 45 days  Stay Validity 45 days

Ethiopia Completely landlocked Ethiopia is a treasure for those who cherish history and ancient artefacts. The country has found ruins as old as 3 million years making it a melting pot of ancient culture.

VoA validity 90 days  Stay Validity 30 days

Gabon Gabon is located on the equator and a former French colony, traces of which can be found even today. Home to two famous national parks with varying vegetation, Gabon also shelters a wide range of wildlife.

VoA validity Single entry visa- 30 days Multiple entry visa- 90 days  Stay Validity 90 days

Guinea Bissau Guinea Bissau is a small tropical country with a very famous biosphere reserve, natural parks and wildlife. Apart from its natural concourse the colonial buildings in the country also add to its charm.

VoA validity 90 days  Stay Validity 90 days

Kenya Kenya&rsquos scenic landscapes and wildlife reserves are a treat for the soul. Spending a day in the company of the well preserved fauna is an experience to cherish.

VoA validity 90 days  Stay Validity 6 months (renewal after 90 days)

Madagascar Natural varying landscapes such as rainforest, beaches and hills is what Madagascar is all about. It is also home to lemurs, which are not found anywhere else. If you find yourself to be there do not miss on the exciting hikes that you can go for.

VoA validity 30 days  Stay Validity 30 days

Mozambique Featuring the Indian Ocean&rsquos coastline Mozambique is home to famous beaches and offshore marine parks. Coral reefs and mangrove lined islands are their specialty.

VoA validity 30 days  Stay Validity 30 days

Rwanda The landlocked country with mountain scapes is located in East Africa. It is known for its breathtaking scenery and is home to a wide variety of wildlife.

VoA validity 30 days  Stay Validity 30 days

Seychelles Seychelles might just seem like a speck on the map, but it is actually a constellation of islands strewn across the Indian Ocean. Home to the rare black parrot and Giant Tortoises, Seychelles has an abundant marine life and also houses two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, virtually untouched by man.

VoA validity 30 days  Stay Validity 30 days

Sierra Leone Sierra Leone is a treasure trove of beaches, remote islands and thickly wooded mountains. Visit Sierra Leone for its rich history, flora and fauna and colourful stilted houses.

VoA validity 90 days  Stay Validity 30 days

Somalia Enjoy the true colours of African culture in Somalia with scenic beaches, bustling markets, medieval structures and a history like no other.

VoA validity 30 days  Stay Validity 30 days

Tanzania An absolute dream for nature and wildlife enthusiasts, Tanzania is packed with national parks and wildlife adventures. Make your way to the blissful beaches of Zanzibar or marvel at the scenic views Mount Kilimanjaro has to offer.

VoA validity 90 days  Stay Validity 90 days

Togo A hiker&rsquos haven, Togo boasts of a diverse topography and culture. With palm fringed beaches, museums as well as trekking terrains, Togo has something for everyone.

VoA validity 7 days  Stay Validity 7 days

Uganda What&rsquos a better place to vacation than one which offers mountains, lakes and bio diverse forests Uganda offers a wide menu of choices for tourists, including the charm of a Ugandan market, Crater Lake in Kyaninga Lodge, gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable forest and beautiful savannahs.

VoA validity 90 days  Stay Validity 90 days

Zimbabwe Enjoy the picturesque Victoria Falls and revel in beauty of what nature has to offer here at Zimbabwe. Visit the many national parks or explore the various archaeological sites that the country has.

VoA validity 90 days  Stay Validity 90 days


Marshall Islands At Marshall Islands you can sit back and relax at one of the many secluded lagoons, or go deep sea diving to explore the rich marine life, or even go on a historical expedition amongst the ruins from WWII.

VoA validity 90 days  Stay Validity 90 days

Palau Islands An archipelago of over 500 islands, Palau has a myriad of activities to offer. When you&rsquore not exploring the underwater wonders, you can visit the stone monoliths, the Belau National Museum, the Ngardmau Falls or even the Japan Palau Friendship Bridge.

VoA validity 90 days  Stay Validity 30 days

Samoa Experience the best of Samoa through the Lalomanu beach, the Alofaaga Blowholes, scenic waterfalls and local cuisine. Dip into the heart of Polynesia and discover Fa&rsquoa Samoa (the Samoan Way)

VoA validity 60 days  Stay Validity 60 days

Tuvalu Tuvalu packs a lot into the fourth smallest nation on the planet. One can enjoy pristine turquoise waters, admire the simplicity of life at Tuvalu and revel in the lip smacking cuisine.

VoA validity 30 days  Stay Validity 30 days


St. Lucia The only island in the world that contains a drive-in volcano, Saint Lucia has much to offer to its visitors. Small colourful hutments lining the valley and the coast, is a scenic view that no other Caribbean islands has. Snorkelling, trekking and hiking are common activities here.

VoA validity 6 weeks  Stay Validity 6 weeks


Bolivia Get lost in the labyrinth-like Chincana ruins, go cycling or mountain biking on Yungas Road or go bird watching at Laguna Colorada to marvel at the rare flamingos. 

VoA validity 30 days  Stay Validity 30 days

Suriname One of the smallest countries in South America, Suriname prides itself on quaint Dutch colonial houses and carefully crafted cathedrals. A cultural melting pot, Suriname is ethnically diverse and is a medley of many traditions. 

VoA validity 90 days  Stay Validity 90 days


Armenia It would be sacrilegious to not visit the snow-capped Mount Ararat when you&rsquore in Armenia or the many sacred monasteries that the country has. Go boating at Lake Sevan or take a walk at the Republic Square.

VoA validity 120 days  Stay Validity 120 days

Iran A trip to modern Persia would be incomplete without a visit to the many markets that hold elegant and sophisticated handicrafts. It would be remiss to not mention the delectable Persian dishes and sweets available here, and of course, they key ingredient, saffron or as the locals call it, red gold.

VoA validity 30 days  Stay Validity 30 days

Jordan Visit the lowest point on earth and float in the Dead Sea. Surrounded by desert beaches, mineral spas and oases, Jordan makes for an excellent tourist destination.

VoA validity 30 days  Stay Validity 30 days

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