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A boat ride on the Umngot River.
Pranay Jain
Flowing through the valley between the Khasi and Jaintia Hills, the crystal-clear waters of the river Umngot have brought it fame
The Forbidden Forests Of Meghalaya
A social worker from Chiringmagre village shares how ancient traditions and tribal culture help preserve a patch of pristine biodiversity in Meghalaya's South Garo Hills
The Umngot river flows through the small town of Dawki
Gopalkrishnan V.
From root bridges to caves and dazzling rivers, Meghalaya is an absolute delight to the senses
A teenager plucking wild greens
Anissa Lamare
Run by women, the Mei-Ramew cafes in Meghalaya are showcasing traditional indigenous cuisine
Living roots bridge, Meghalaya
OT Staff
The biosphere was recognised and designated by UNESCO in 2009, which acknowledged its unique natural features and the need for conservation
The beautiful Khasi hills of Meghalaya are untouched by tourism.
Kongthong, in the East Khasi hills, is home to the unique custom of naming a child with a tune—reflecting a mother's intense feelings. The tradition is a nod to the region's matrilinear society
Nongjrong view point
Nidhi Kadere
One of the less explored places of Meghalaya, this quaint village offers spectacular views and delicious local cuisine
A view of Shillong
Waquar Habib
With an eye towards upscaling the state’s heritage tourism, high-ranking officials plan on installing a museum in the Old Assembly building in Shillong
The Wangala Festival is celebrated by Garo tribes in Meghalaya
OT Staff
If you are planning a visit to Meghalaya, make sure you sync your dates with the Wangala Festival, which is celebrated post-harvest by Garo tribes in the region
Performance at Hills Festival
OT Staff
The Hills Festival, an annual celebration of music and adventure, will take place from December 1 to 2 along the banks of the beautiful Umiam Lake in Umbi village
A living root bridge near Kongthong
Nidhi Kadere
Kongthong, with a population of approximately 750 inhabitants, is a Meghalayan gem that has managed to preserve a unique whistling tradition known as “Jingrwai Iawbei"
The Travellers' Nest
OT Staff
The "Travellers' Nest," located near revered Khasi sacred forests, includes five cottages and a restaurant, catering to visitors' needs
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