Goa Get ready for the Carnival

Get ready to meet King Momo
Goa Get ready for the Carnival

In 2017, the annual Goa Carnival will be held from February 25-28. Celebrated since the 18th century, thisis a time for merry-making and feasting, precedingthe 40 days of Lent. On Fat Saturdayonthe eve of the Carnival, arrives King Momo (selected by the people) and his retinue of fire eaters, jesters, dancers, a brass band and revellers. The next day, they lead the colourful float parade and procession. The festivities usually begin around 3 pm and last for about three hoursand the celebrations culminate with the famous Red and Black Ball, which is usually held at the Clube National in Panaji. In 2017, the main float parade will be held in Panjim on February 25, followed by float parades in Margao (February 26), Vasco (February27) and Mapusa (February). The carnival is also celebrated in the Goan countryside, where it's called Intruz. Look upgoatourism.gov.infor more details.

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