Travelling Sustainably Doesnt Have To Dent Your Pockets

While a lot of new travellers who dont have access to information are apprehensive about paying, the intention to travel consciously is definitely there
Travel sustainably in a way that doesn't cost you and the Earth, a fortune
Travel sustainably in a way that doesn't cost you and the Earth, a fortune

A common misconception is that sustainability is synonymous with spending more. While in some aspects that may be true, it is not always the case. Then why do a good number of people say so, you may ask A lack of awareness and access to resources. Data content and social research agency Blackbox Research&nbspconducted a survey involving over 4,600 travellers from across six Southeast Asian countries to analyze their post-pandemic travel behaviour. Their research highlights that almost 67% of Southeast Asians would choose to go the environment-friendly route while travelling, but lack of access to information is one of the primary barriers that keep them from making eco-conscious travel choices. 

Understanding Sustainability

Travelling eco-consciously is not only confined to reducing your carbon footprints, although that is for sure one central area that needs work. You can chalk out a budget and stick to it while still doing your bit to be eco-conscious.  

Choose Destinations Closer to Home

The longer the distance, the more your carbon footprint is. Since ceasing travel is not feasible, the next best thing is to explore areas closer to home. This way, you can discover obscure places you can talk to people about and promote local tourism. 

Research Eco-friendly Accommodations

Thorough research will be your best friend in segregating the number of lux-hotels greenwashing as&nbspsustainable stays from verified businesses that meet sustainability standards. Spiti Ecosphere and Kishkinda Trust are a couple of examples of initiatives that support conservation and development by reinvesting revenues in sustainable development projects across Spiti and Hampi, respectively. 

While it&rsquos important to contribute towards the climate for significant impacts, the smaller everyday goals ultimately make changes. &ldquoI make it a point to avoid single-use plastics while travelling and take my own food and beverages to avoid waste and litter,&rdquo says Himani Arora, a fashion and travel blogger with a solid number of followers on Instagram. &ldquoI carry my own jute bags because I usually shop a lot for souvenirs for family and friends,&rdquo she adds. 

With the COP27 summit underway in Egypt, climate leaders have flown in their private jets to talk about the climate crisis. Coca-Cola is a sponsor. &ldquoCallousness and ignorance such as these are what drowns the voices of people and activists who actually care about the planet and of those who make conscious choices every day to make our home better&rdquo said Smita Ganguli, a journalist and a climate-conscious traveller. 

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