The Perks Of Slow Travel

Here are some reasons why you should go for slow travel if you haven't already.
The Perks Of Slow Travel
The Perks Of Slow Travel

Slow travel essentially entails traveling slowly and less&mdashspending more time in fewer destinations rather than trying to see as many as you can in a short period. One rule of travel is that no way is correct or incorrect. Every type of travel has a purpose, but we feel the perks associated with slow travel are more significant. Here are some reasons why you should go for slow travel if you haven't already. 

Learn About A Culture 

Even if it's temporary, staying someplace longer increases your chances of establishing friendships and experiencing a sense of belonging in a specific community. The main benefit of leisurely travel is that it allows you to learn a lot about the place you visit through the people you meet and the stories you witness. You become familiar with the space, its people, slang, local dancing styles, music, and its defining aspects. Learning about culture makes you aware of every core pillar of the location.

Promote Ecotourism

Slow travel is good for the environment as well, which is often impacted by travel and tourism. We may limit the harm carbon emissions cause to the environment by choosing to travel slowly, which requires avoiding high-carbon-emission modes of transportation. You can take buses or trains rather than flying while also saving money on travel. Instead of going for a car, consider renting a bike or walking on foot, for a better experience. 

Connect With Locals 

Your interactions with locals increase when you go slowly. When locals know you are a visitor, they often reciprocate more and engage in lengthy conversations with you. In turn, a traveller also becomes more familiar with the local way of life. You ask people for ideas of nearby places to visit, and the traditions and rituals unique to that area. This enables one to forge a sincere and solid connection with a community.  

Explore Hidden Gems

Instead of rushing through the highlights on a guided tour and moving on to the following location, slow exploration requires you to spot a place in its entirety. You aimlessly wander, admire the architecture, observe life on the streets, find eating joints popular amongst locals, and take in peaceful sunsets free of crowds. 

Save Money

Travelling slow requires avoiding all fast-paced modes of transportation and instead opting for the train, walking, or getting a pool cab. Longer journeys increase the value of the experience. Instead of using a car, you can stroll through your neighborhood and take in all the local scenes. Staying in a homestay for a week is easily less expensive than booking a hotel, not just because the rent may be lower but also because you'll have access to a kitchen and save extensively on dining out. 

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