The Roundup 10 Best Stories from Last Week

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The Roundup 10 Best Stories from Last Week

Every week is a new journey of travel and discovery for us atOutlook Traveller. While we prepare to bring you more amazing destinations and experiences, heres a sampling of our favourite stories from last week.

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There are many amazing travel stories coming your way this week. While you wait, enjoy these 10 stories

1. 5 Stunning Heritage Circuits in India

Got a few days for an on-the-hoof holiday Well, why don't you embark on one (or more) of the 5 spectacular heritage circuits, includingthe Diamond Triangle in Odisha, the Buddhist round in Bihar and UP, Mahabalipuram and Mysore Click here to read the story.

2. Explore Maharashtra's Wine Country

The Sahyadri Range of mountains in Maharashtra is in equal parts lush green and rugged. Among the range of reasons that might take you there, now add wineries. We head to the town of Baramati and check in to the the grandchteau that is home to the Four Seasons Winery. Did we have fun Read the story here and find out

3. Great Breaks from Delhi

The nation's capital has to be one of the best-located cities in India. Why Well, whether you go north, south, east or west, there's fantastic destinations to visit. So we came up with a long weekend list that takes in the Kumaon Himalayan panoramas of Ranikhet, the magnificent cenotaphspires of Orchha, the deathless temples of Khajuraho and more. Click here to read the story.

4. Bhunaneswar's Heritage Trail

The magnificent medieval temples of Bhubaneswar, dating between the 7th and 14th centuries CE unfortunately don't get the recognition they deserve. However, a new heritage walk around town is trying to do exactly that. We tagged on for a day of stunning art, great stories and deathless heritage. Click here to read the story.

5. Great Breaks from Kolkata

Bengal is one of the most underrated travel destinations in the country, but believe us, those from Kolkata know exactly where to go for some great holidays. So we tapped into the local knowledge and came away with a mix of known and unknown destinations, from the immortal terracotta temples of Bishnupur to the quiet, understated charms of Shantiniketan. Click here to read the story.

6. Explore Sikkim's Rhododendron Sanctuary

For Himalaya lovers, there's one flower that lights up the trails more than others, and that's the versatile and colourful rhododendron. In season, around March-April, white, pink and red rhododendrons light up the mountains, nowehere more so than in Sikkim. Get a lowdown of the best place to see them, the Barsai Rhododendron Sanctuary. Click here to read more.

7. Great Breaks from Chennai

Chennai is another Indian city from where you can travel to a huge number of destinations for a short break. We bring you a list of some well-known and some off-beat choices like the hill-station of Horsley Hills in Andhra Pradesh as well as the Danish heritage of Tranquebar or the beautiful lagoon at the mouth of the Kaveri River in Muthupet. Click here to read the full list.

8. A Photographer's View of a Classic Himalayan Road Trip

The Himalayan photographer Ashok Dilwali is well known. In this excellent photo feature, he takes us on a literally picturesque journey up from Delhi to Leh and then to Kashmir. From spectacular mountainscapes to portraits of the people and animals that inhabit the great Himalaya, this photo feature is a treat. Click here to see the photographs.

9. Mangalore's Cultural Mix

Mangalore is a fantastic meeting place of different cultural threads, and this is reflected in the architectural heritage of the region. From beautiful churches with gorgeous frescoes to a 1,000-year-old Hindu-Buddhist temple, Mangalore has it all. Read all about this fascinating melting pot here.

10. Give in to the Joyous Festivals of Northeast India

The states that make up the northeast region of India are home to diverse cultures and traditions. Unsurprisingly, then, the region is also home to countless festivals, from well-known ones like the Hornbill Festival to lesser-known ones like Manipur's Yaoshang and Tripura's Kharchi Puja.Click here to read about the pluralistic culture of India's Northeast.

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