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Take a walk along the Mumbai coast
Take a walk along the Mumbai coast

River and Sea Walks In Uttar Kannada

BuDa Folklore is an organisation dedicated to conserving the rich biodiversity and folk tales of the indigenous people of Uttar Kannada. Being a part of BuDa events means getting the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful landscapes, islands, waterfalls, estuaries, hills, rivers, thick forests and the sea. They host several trails and walks exploring the geography of the region. Follow the Sharavathi river from its origin in an estuary to the Arabian Sea via a combination of treks, boat rides and walks on short stretches of road. The route showcases historical islands, the course of the river and the various landforms created by the river. Their sea route trek from Honnavar to Gokarna weaves through the Western coast and over the Sahyadri Hills. Highlights are the interactions with the Halakki tribe and fishermen community, and camping on beaches.

Marine Life of Mumbai

If you are into observing up close the creatures that can be found along the coast in cities by the sea, sign up fr a walk by Marine Life of Mumbai. On these wlaks, you will be able to spot colourful sea sponges, different types of snails and sea anemones, hermit crabs that use seashells as homes, and even corals. You can expect to find all these beautiful creatures at a blue, coastal destination, but they&rsquore right here, at the watery, concretised edge of Mumbai city. At this bustling urban jungle&rsquos doorstep, lies an entire forgotten marine world. From crabs to corals in the tide pools, and from hidden moray eels to near-invisible scorpionfish waiting for the keenest eyes, this shore has plenty of sights to see and some impressive stories about the city's marine life to tell.

Beach Clean-Up Walks

September 17 is International Coastal Clean Up Day. The day was started as a way to raise awareness about the growing pollution on various beaches of the world. Mumbai-based Mahim Beach Clean-Up hosts regular events to help clean the shoreline and beaches. Check out their Insta page&nbspfor the latest updates. 

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