Beyond The Wall: Offbeat Places To Visit On Your Berlin Tour

From tours of Berlin's subterranean history to cycling down the runway of a former airport, here are some fun and interesting things to do in the city
A shot of Berlin's cityscape
A shot of Berlin's cityscapeShutterstock

Think Berlin and the city's creative art scene and world-famous nightclubs are likely the first things that come to mind. Whether you’re visiting East Berlin’s historic neighbourhoods such as Mitte and Friedrichshain, touring the Brandenburg Gate, pausing at the Holocaust Memorial, marvelling at the Reichstag, checking out Museum Island, or dancing at Berghain, the city truly is a traveller's paradise.

Here’s a compilation of some of Berlin’s more offbeat attractions you shouldn’t miss out on.

Berliner Unterwelten

Touring Berlin's underground with Berliner Unterwelten
Touring Berlin's underground with Berliner

The Berliner Unterwelten (Subterranean Berlin) offers tours of the city’s underground structures, such as bunkers, abandoned subway stations and air raid shelters dating back to the Second World War and Cold War. Visitors can walk through the vast network of secret tunnels built by the Nazis, with several different themed tours to choose from. For instance, the Dark Worlds tour depicts life during wartime for Berliners while the Under the Berlin Wall tour spotlights attempted escapes via tunnels underneath the Berlin Wall. Objects retrieved from the tunnels and bunkers such as ammunition, grenades and gas masks are on display as well.


The viewing platform of the listening station at Teufelsberg
The viewing platform of the listening station at TeufelsbergCopyright: Martin Gentischer for

The Teufelsberg is a former Cold War-era listening station within the Grunewald forest. The 120m tall hill is an artificial one built from the rubble left behind by the Second World War. The site now houses a large street art exhibition with over 400 works, a far cry from its time as an East German and Soviet listening post tapping into communications from West Berlin and West Germany. A climb to the top will reward you with stunning views of the city. There’s also a ski slope fitted with a ski lift, a ski jump and a toboggan run.

Mauerpark Flea Market

A karaoke performance at Mauerpark
A karaoke performance at MauerparkCopyright: Günter Steffen for

The flea market of Mauerpark captures the spirit of Berliners. Every Sunday, private dealers set up shop to sell a range of wares like old records, household items, clothes, musical instruments and bicycles. Whether you're looking for antique furniture or quirky souvenirs, you're sure to find something interesting here. Live music, tasty snacks and street performers add to the lively atmosphere. Don’t miss the chance to belt out your favourite tunes to a battery-powered karaoke system at 3PM. You are bound to get a huge round of applause no matter your performance.


Floating to the musicscapes of Liquidrom
Floating to the musicscapes of LiquidromLiquidromberlin/Facebook

Berlin’s music scene is eclectic and diverse but Liquidrom takes it one step further. This futuristic spa combines minimalist architecture, light, music and water to create a unique and immersive experience where customers float off on a pool noodle with strains of live electronic music infusing the very waters around them. Whether it's soothing sauna sessions, relaxing massages, relaxing in Liquidrom’s 36°C saltwater pool with underwater music, or a refreshing drink at the bar, time stands still here.

Tajikistan Tearoom

Inside the Tajikistan Tearoom
Inside the Tajikistan

The Tajikistan Tearoom started out as the Tajikistan pavilion during a trade fair in Leipzig in 1974. After the fair ended, the pavilion was donated by the Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic to their East German hosts. Relax among the tearoom's ornate sandalwood pillars and pretty murals while sampling delicious Russian delicacies. The tea is brewed in a special samovar which gives it an earthy flavour. From handmade jewellery to home décor, visitors can also purchase unique handicrafts here.


Cycling in Tempelhof, a 1920s airport converted into a thriving public park
Cycling in Tempelhof, a 1920s airport converted into a thriving public parkkatatonia82/

Tempelhofer Feld is a 953-acre airport-turned-public park. Visitors skateboard, in-line skate, cycle, picnic, walk their dogs and barbecue against the backdrop of derelict infrastructure such as the airport terminal, radar stations and grounded aeroplanes which date back to the Cold War. It opened in 1923 but closed in 2008 and is now a thriving urban wilderness with open fields and paths surrounded by tall trees. Tempelhof’s eastern entrance is one of the best places in Berlin to catch the sunset.

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