Updated: Nov 20, 2014 17:20 IST
Updated: Nov 20, 2014 17:20 IST
Would you bare it all in Rio?

After campaigns by activists, Abrico beach in Rio de Janeiro becomes the city's first nudist beach

The Hornbill Festival, Nagaland

Witness Nagaland's diverse tribal culture at the festival to be held from December 1-10, 2014

Where to go for luxury shopping in India

A handpicked list of stores in India offering luxury shopping ranging from customised furniture to rare diamonds

On top of the peaks at Gagar

It is impossible to miss home at The White Peaks, a beautiful fairy tale cottage in Gagar, Uttarakhand

The big 5: Heritage trails

Visit the center of the Renaissance or lose yourself in the oriental fantasies of Central Asia, a list of places for all the heritage-digger ...

Bringing together the best restaurants of Goa

Find out where to eat in Goa for a perfect Sunday brunch or authentic Goan food or shacks and restaurants with best sea views

Q&A: Marco Polo's troubleshooting guide
Travel Confusion? Email: mpolo@outlookindia.com or Ask here Please note that Marco will reply to selected questions.
Scotland: The Isle of Skye

The mountains are the star of this picturesque highland in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. Text and photographs by Jennifer Ciochon

Ritu Dalmia

Matakauri Lodge in Queenstown, New Zealand, is Chef Dalmia's most favourite hotel now

Sonakshi Sinha

The actor likes to pamper herself while on a vacation and candidly admits her fondness for massages and spas

A celebration of Indian music and dance in Sirpur

The second Sirpur Dance and Music Festival manages to put on a good show even after facing organizational problems and heavy political postu ...

Anil Kuriyal

Kuflon Basics is not a fancy lodge, but a place for wholesome food and good company, says the owner

A long-lasting souvenir from Shanghai

The sturdy bookmarks from Kitsch China make great souvenirs as they are small yet sturdy

Let sleeping tots lie

This inflatable and easy-to-store travel bed from The Shrunks comes with side guards to prevent the child from rolling off

Antarctica, 1915

2014 marks the centenary of the Imperial Trans-Atlantic Expedition

Share your travel travails

The ‘Grumpy Traveller’ section on our website contains an abundance of tales of torment experienced over the years. Share yours with us

Soul of a nation: Indonesia

A captivating and insightful account of a fascinating country, Indonesia

A short history of suitcases

From the days of carrying potli or the bindle to the futuristic roboti ...

Bangalore's most storied bookseller

Select Bookshop in Bengaluru is a treasure trove when it comes to find ...

Grumpy Traveller: Face-off

Should we halt normal traffic to allow VIPs to pass?


Getaway Guides

Airlines should give special discounts to passengers who are lean and travel light, as every kilo of extra weight costs aviation fuel.
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