Updated: Nov 25, 2014 16:45 IST
Updated: Nov 25, 2014 16:45 IST
Custom-made all-natural bedding on Etihad Airways

Diamond First Class fliers will get fine cotton Heather Grey sleepsuits, unique pillow mist, pulse point oil, a selection of Bergamote 22 to ...

Bhutan’s winter festivals

Winter in Bhutan is marked by a clear blue sky, dry weather and an array of festivals

Get all outdoorsy in Delhi

Open spaces in the capital city become infinitely inviting with the onset of winter. The heritage site of Jamali Kamali, the festive mood in ...

The Toy Hotel: Luxury at affordable prices

Chandigarh's The Toy Hotel has great service and fancy rooms

The missionary man of Kotgarh

The happy story of a man, a woman and an apple in an Eden called Kotgarh.

Fresh and frozen delights from Smoothie Factory

Chuck your aerated drink for a glass of freshly made smoothie and gorge on some delicious waffles at this outlet in Nehru Place, New Delhi

Q&A: Marco Polo's troubleshooting guide
Travel Confusion? Email: mpolo@outlookindia.com or Ask here Please note that Marco will reply to selected questions.
India: For the love of mountains

Taking you down the digital memory lane with our collection of some of the best photographs of mountains in India

Oprah Winfrey

The talk show host and actor recalls her two favourite hotels around the globe - Ellerman House in Bantry Bay and Richard’s [Branson] Neck ...

Rashid Khan

Classical singer Rashid Khan's favourite city is Mumbai because of its warm and responsive audience

A celebration of Indian music and dance in Sirpur

The second Sirpur Dance and Music Festival manages to put on a good show even after facing organizational problems and heavy political postu ...

Gauri Jayaram

The co-founder of Active Holiday finds running more fun than work

Multi-purpose bamboo cylinders

Store your spices in this pretty little thing or use it as a scroll-holder

Flux chairs

Capable of carrying up to 160 kilos of weight, the flat-packed Flux chair is portable and weatherproof

Antarctica, 1915

2014 marks the centenary of the Imperial Trans-Atlantic Expedition

Share your travel travails

The ‘Grumpy Traveller’ section on our website contains an abundance of tales of torment experienced over the years. Share yours with us

Soul of a nation: Indonesia

A captivating and insightful account of a fascinating country, Indonesia

A short history of suitcases

From the days of carrying potli or the bindle to the futuristic roboti ...

Bangalore's most storied bookseller

Select Bookshop in Bengaluru is a treasure trove when it comes to find ...

Grumpy Traveller: Face-off

Should we halt normal traffic to allow VIPs to pass?


Getaway Guides

Airlines should give special discounts to passengers who are lean and travel light, as every kilo of extra weight costs aviation fuel.
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