Updated: Oct 25, 2014 12:08 IST
Updated: Oct 25, 2014 12:08 IST
Da Vinci's crossbow

Original masterpieces from the genius will be displayed in Singapore this November 15

Terracotta Mela of Panchmura

Panchmura village, home to traditional terracotta artists of West Bengal, to hold a crafts fair and folk festival, starting on October 31

Wildlife destinations in India

Take your pick from desert safari on horseback in Rajasthan, spotting a bird at Nalsarovar bird sanctuary and tiger sighting in Bandhavgarh

Gothic mansion - The Himalayan, Manali

A pleasant winter getaway; watch the snow piling outside your hotel while you sit by the fireplace

Discover Goa's backwaters

Pay a visit to Goa's bountiful backwaters and stay at Olaulim Backyards

Bukhara at the ITC Maurya completes 35 years

This five-star restaurant in New Delhi has sold over 10 lakh murgh malai kababs, over 25 lakh dal bukharas, over 15 lakh seekh kababs and ov ...

Q&A: Marco Polo's troubleshooting guide
Travel Confusion? Email: mpolo@outlookindia.com or Ask here Please note that Marco will reply to selected questions.
Iceland: The greatest show on earth

The sight of the Aurora Borealis leaves one speechless in Iceland, which is more green than ice. Photos by Raji Sunderkrishnan

Malini Ramani

The fashion designer loves the Jamaica Inn in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Indian film actor who shot to fame after the movie Gangs of Wasseypur wants to travel with his daughter to all the nice places

Remains of the day - WWI centenary

Voices from the past provide the narrative as you walk through British exhibitions and memorials commemorating World War I

Jonty Rajagopalan

In Hyderabad, the north meets the south, says the owner of Detours India

Finger puppet witch

Don’t let her wooden features fool you into doubting her malevolence

Bicycle-friendly accessories

True Wanderer bike packs from the Highway series include 3D mesh cushions, a mobile pouch and an integrated rain cover

The first cruise ship, 1900

The Prinzessin Victoria Luise was the first cruise ship - it sailed from Hamburg to New York in 1901

Share your travel travails

The ‘Grumpy Traveller’ section on our website contains an abundance of tales of torment experienced over the years. Share yours with us

Timeless Pushkar

Delve into the past, present and future of this ancient pilgrim town

Grumpy Traveller: Face-off

Should we halt normal traffic to allow VIPs to pass?

First inland scuba diving school in India

Learn scuba diving at India's first inland PADI-certfied diving school ...

WOMAD: A global music festival

Experience the power of live music at the WOMAD festival, which began ...


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