8 Women Travellers Reveal The Best Destinations For Your First Solo Trip

Trying to find the best solo trips for women? Hear from pro solo female travellers about the best destinations for your first solo trip and what makes them worth taking the plunge
Safest destinations for women tra
Norway is an ideal destination for solo travellersPhoto by Eric Dekker

The number of people opting to travel solo has skyrocketed in the last few years. Driven by a desire for self discovery, and facilitated by the presence of companies and agencies specialising in making itineraries as well as the emergence of affordable hostels and lodges for travellers, travelling solo can be as easy as clicking a button. 

Despite the ease of access, many people—especially women—hesitate to take the plunge and book their first flight out alone. Safety concerns about travelling to a new country or a destination you have never been to before hinder the desire to live like Kangana Ranaut’s character,"Rani," in Queen.

But if you are all ready to give this adventure a shot, and the only thing holding you back is deciding on a spot, we've got your back. We reached out to several female travellers to find places that, according to them, make for a safe destination for solo female travellers. In addition, they also share a few helpful tips and recommendations to make your first solo journey a fantastic one. Here are the best solo trips for women:

International Destinations


For Veidehi Gite, a 43-year-old travel blogger who has been travelling solo for over a decade, Norway remains one of her top recommendations. “Norwegians are polite and compassionate, and the country’s breathtaking countryside is easily accessible. Navigating from one city to another is seamless, and most people at cultural landmarks speak English. Additionally, English guided tours are widely available. Travelling alone in Norway offers a magical exploration, where you’ll encounter locals eager to share stories you won’t hear elsewhere,” she said. The fact that Norway boasts a low crime rate is only a cherry on the top.

Vaidehi Gite on a trip to Norway in 2016
Vaidehi Gite on a trip to Norway in 2016Picture by Vaidehi Gite (@thekrazybutterfly on Instagram)

If you love outdoor activities, then Norway is just the right place to be. The "Right to Roam" law gives you unhindered access to the country's breathtaking landscapes, and you can literally go hiking anywhere you want. Good mobile coverage is a bonus. Remember to get the correct hiking gear and keep your phone charged to avoid any inconvenience.

Meanwhile, in the bigger cities, such as Oslo and Bergen, the public transport system is well integrated, with trams and buses connecting every part of the city. There are also hostels that have solo-gender dorms such as HI Bergen Hostel Montana, along with boutique hotels, resorts, and BnB options.


Garima Pandey, founder of Bukit.Travel and co-founder of WanderingJane, lists Bali among her top destinations. The 39-year-old, who has been travelling solo for over 16 years, emphasises that no place is inherently safe and it is the ecosystem that makes it conducive for solo travelling. She said, “Certain places might be perceived to be safer because a lot of solo travellers have gone there and the ecosystem is somewhat created, which instils a certain confidence in the traveller. In Bali and Vietnam, this ecosystem exists and there are a whole lot of other solo travellers from different countries who go there.”

It is widely concurred that Bali is one of the safer travel destinations for female travellers and tourists wanting to explore Southeast Asia. Bali offers a plethora of places to see, from temples to beaches and waterfalls, making it the perfect tropical paradise.

Garima enjoys a scenic view in Bali
Garima enjoys a scenic view in BaliPicture by Garima Pandey

Travelling through Bali is relatively easy as well, aided by the local cab-hailing service called Gojek. Since the destination is a hub for solo travellers, it is a great place to meet more people through guided tours and other group activities if you don't want to be all alone. Moreover, language is not a barrier as most locals are familiar with English, and the vibrant tourist scene on the island doubles as a safety net, making it easy to find help when required. 

Like Norway, Bali too has plenty of female-only hostels like Arya Wellness in Ubud, while other hostels like Kos One Hostel in Canggu have female-only dorm options. Additionally, you might want to check out the wellness retreats and resorts for a tailored wellness experience, which is ingrained into Balinese tradition, with traditional rituals and practices centred around healing and growth. Some retreats specially cater to women-only groups and can make for refreshing soirees fostering sisterhood.

Hạ Long, Vietnam
Hạ Long, VietnamPicture by Ammie Neo on Unsplash


Pandey recommends Vietnam as well as a great destination for a first solo trip. With many tourist-friendly locations, friendly lcoals and affordable stay and transport options, Vietnam is easy to tackle when if you are travelling solo. 

Air travel in the country is relatively affordable with airports present around major hubs like Hanoi, Saigon, and Hoi An. While buses move around the coast, taking a train will give you splendid views across certain sections of the country. Motorcycles can be rented for the more adventurous. 

You can choose from a wide range of accommodation options, including budget-friendly hostels and boutique hotels. To experience traditional Vietnamese living, you can check out some of Vietnam’s most popular homestays, which combine comfortable accommodation with home-cooked meals, traditional performances, and local tours. Homestays like Mia's House in Hanoi, or Le's Home in the mountainous town of Sapa are quite popular.

It would be recommended to be cautious while choosing a homestay, and to beware of pickpockets in bustling spots.


For Soumya Nambiar, an entrepreneur and travel blogger, the Philippines tops the list. “It was my first time in the Philippines and I loved travelling the country for the two weeks I was there. It was definitely conducive to stay there alone, one of the safest places to travel as a solo female traveller. The people are really warm and friendly and that definitely helped enhance the perception of the place. I only did some of the islands, and my advice would be to stick to a couple of islands as your base and then explore the region around it,” she said. 

Soumya Nambiar  enjoys a boat ride in the Philippines
Soumya Nambiar enjoys a boat ride in the PhilippinesPicture by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood on Instagram)

The Philippines, an archipelagic country in the western Pacific Ocean, offers breathtaking views of natural wonders to travellers and a rich traditional heritage to immerse themselves in. The country is made up of over 7,000 islands, and is home to intriguing geographical landscapes from rugged mountains to white beaches.

The capital city, Manila, is a bustling metropolitan city and tech hub with a flourishing nightlife, where you can experience night markets, karaoke bars and lounges, and live music bars. Buses, tricycles, taxis, and jeepneys (local shared minivans) are popular modes of transportation on land, while boats and aeroplanes can be used to travel between islands. Flights are frequent and easily available when moving from one island to another. 

Hostels are available in many islands across the country, while surf and dive resorts are popular and are located around dive sites for those looking to explore the waters of the islands. 

Indian Destinations

Tamil Nadu & Puducherry

In India, Veidehi Gite’s favourite state to travel alone to is Tamil Nadu.

"Tamil Nadu boasts a high literacy rate, and its residents are known for their humility, education, politeness, and good behaviour. The respect they show towards their own women extends to female tourists, instilling a sense of safety and confidence. While language can be a barrier, an English-speaking guide or a translator app can easily help you navigate through most parts of the state," she said.

While most tourists and travellers choose to visit northern states of the country, Tamil Nadu presents a rich mix of spiritual, heritage, and natural wonders.

Auroville, Tamil Nadu
Auroville, Tamil NaduPicture from Auroville.org

Travellers can spend their time in Tamil Nadu exploring temples, buying Kanjivaram sarees, and eating traditional Tamil food. Popular places include Kodaikanal, a hill town popular among hikers and cyclists, and beaches like Marina beach in Chennai, or Dhanushkodi beach. 

Auroville, an experimental town in the Villupuram district is the first and only internationally endorsed ongoing experiment in human unity and transformation of consciousness, and is less than a four-hour journey from Chennai.

Niviya Vyas on a cycle journey through Pondicherry
Niviya Vyas on a cycle journey through PondicherryPicture by Niviya Vyas (@niviyavas on Instagram)

Auroville spills into the Union Territory of Puducherry which is located along the coast of the Tamil Nadu state. Puducherry is known for its architecture which has a unique French influence owing to its history as a French settlement. At Puducherry, you can spend your days surfing or cycling through the French quarters of the city and immersing yourself in the old-world charm of the city.

On Puducherry, frequent solo traveller, writer, and marketer, Niviya Vyas said, “Within India, I find myself repeatedly drawn to Pondicherry. I’ve travelled there multiple times alone. It’s always welcomed me, especially as a woman. Whether it’s the French Colony or the more Tamil-oriented heritage town, I’ve found comfort in how easy it is to fit in, and the willingness of people to share their stories with me - whether about the place or about themselves.”

Pondicherry, too, is full of with beautiful hotels, homestays, guest houses, and hostels—many of which cater exclusively to women such as Trinite Homes Women's Hostel or Micasa Hostels which you can find on Agoda or Tripoto! 

Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry offer just the right mix of tradition and modernity and will make for the perfect place to explore for your next trip.


The younger generation of travellers seem to enjoy travelling to places where they can gain new experiences and learn new skills. For Jahanvi Kashyap, a student from Saharanpur, travelling on a tight budget, clubs and volunteering opportunities seem like a lucrative way of travelling to new places, meeting new people, and living with a community; Karnataka seems like the perfect place to do so!

Jahanvi, for whom connecting with the locals is the most important when travelling to a new place, advocates for places and centres that foster a sense of community. For her, the Shaka Surf Club in Kodi Bengare near Udupi town in Karnataka, was the place to do just that. “When I went to Shaka Surf Club in Kodi Bengare, I couldn’t believe that there was this village within which there was a whole new world of people with fascinating stories to tell. The place opened my mind to new people and ways of living,” she said.

Mangalore, too, is an easy spot for solo travel. From there, you can go to the heritage town, Hampi. Backpacker hostels and budget-friendly accommodation is available in each of the above-mentioned spots.

Jahanvi (far right) at the Shaka Surf Club with founder, Tushar (far left) and Ishita Malaviya (centre right)
Jahanvi (far right) at the Shaka Surf Club with founder, Tushar (far left) and Ishita Malaviya (centre right)Picture by Jahanvi Kashyap

Rann, Gujarat

The extensive white salt marshes of Rann of Kutch in the western state of Gujarat is one of Shivani Singh’s top spots to solo travel. Shivani, travel blogger (@whimsthatwoo on Instagram), says “When there's a thin layer of water covering the white salt desert, the entire landscape transforms into a giant mirror, reflecting the sky in all its glory. The sunsets at Rann of Kutch at that time of the year are simply magical. The vast stretch of pristine white salt desert is truly unbelievable! The area is generally safe, and the locals are incredibly hospitable, which makes solo travel very comfortable.”

Gujarat is a good place to visit for those who want to immerse themselves in rich culture, heritage, and natural beauty. 

Ahmedabad, the state capital, is the perfect place to begin where you can visit the historical Gandhi Ashram and serene Sabarmati riverfront, while enjoying a classic Gujarati thali. For history enthusiasts, the Harappan port-town of Lothal is just a one-hour drive from the capital.

Shivani Singh at the Rann of Kutch in traditional Gujarati attire.
Shivani Singh at the Rann of Kutch in traditional Gujarati attire.Picture by Shivani Singh (@whimsthatwoo on Instagram)

Bhuj is a town close to Kutch which hosts multiple homestays, like the Sharad Baug Homestay, and has options for affordable hotels and lodges for solo travellers. The Rann of Kutch, close to Bhuj, offers a unique experience of extensive salt marshes which extend as far as the eye can see. 

The Rann Utsav, which takes place from November to February,  is a tourist-friendly festival that is frequented by people from across the world. Heritage resorts and village stays are very popular for travellers visiting the Utsav, but owing to their high price, travellers travelling on a budget may choose to stay at Bhuj. 

The state is well connected through trains, buses, and auto rickshaws, and the Bhuj airport eases the time taken to travel between the cities. 

Rann of Kutch is an ideal destination for those female travellers who are looking to experience heritage travel on a budget!

Other Popular Travel Spots

Himachal Pradesh:

“My favourite destination is Himachal and recently I went to Shangarh and naggar travelling solo. The location was beautiful, very peaceful, less crowded and best part is that I met some wonderful people on this trip. The weather, location, and everything else were perfect,” shared Kavitha Ananthan (@nomadicroutes on Instagram).

Gurez Valley, Kashmir:

“Gurez Valley in Kashmir tops my list, not just for its stunning landscapes but also for the unique Shina culture of the Dard Shin tribe. I also had the opportunity to meet the woman Sarpanch from Markoot village and witness the collective effort of the Indian Army, locals, and administration to transform this valley near the LoC,” said Richa Tiwari (@my_evolvingbucketlist on Instagram).


Niviya Vyas picked Greece as her top international solo travel destination. She said, “Outside of India, I’m drawn to Greece, particularly the sleepier island of Milos. For a woman who has multiple responsibilities and pressures, Milos offered me a safe haven to forget my anxieties, mostly because of the helpful nature of the locals. For a tourist spot, they are slightly conservative, but they are family oriented and welcoming. In fact, everywhere I went to in Greece, I could strike up a conversation with the local people. With some, we even found connections back in India!” 

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