World Tourism Day 2023: How To Travel Sustainably In Switzerland

Switzerland, with its commitment to sustainability and responsible travel, is an inspiring model for travellers worldwide
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Switzerland, one of the most preferred destinations for luxury as well as business travel, is also championing another facet of travel: sustainability. If you're seeking a destination that can impart invaluable lessons on responsible and enjoyable travel while preserving the Earth, look no further than Switzerland.

Switzerland Tourism unveiled its Swisstainable Strategy in 2021 with the goal of becoming the world's most sustainable travel destination. The policy includes some innovative initiatives that attract young travellers from around the globe.

Young Indian travellers are at the forefront of a transformative shift in the way they explore the world, focusing on sustainability, eco-friendly experiences, and conscientious travel, and Switzerland is fast becoming one of the most preferred destinations with young travellers.

Swiss Travel System (STS)

Imagine reducing carbon emissions and contributing to a healthier planet while embarking on your journey. Switzerland's efficient, punctual public transportation system, known as the Swiss Travel System (STS), is a system that seamlessly integrates air, train, and bus travel, primarily powered by clean hydropower. By doing so, it significantly reduces the carbon footprint, minimizing any adverse effects on the Alpine region.

Swiss Travel System (STS) seamlessly integrates air, train, and bus travel, primarily powered by clean hydropower
Swiss Travel System (STS) seamlessly integrates air, train, and bus travel, primarily powered by clean hydropowerSwitzerland Tourism

With a single Swiss Travel Pass, you gain access to an extensive network of rail, bus, and boat routes covering 26,000 kilometres across Switzerland. A train journey in Switzerland generates a remarkable 20 times less CO2 than a car journey on a comparable route. Switzerland's largest transport company, Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), offers eco-friendly transportation solutions and actively encourages shifting major traffic to railways, reducing five million tonnes of CO2 emissions annually, equivalent to 10 per cent of the country's overall emissions.

Abundant Fresh Water

Switzerland is often referred to as the "water castle of Europe," holding around 6 per cent of the continent's freshwater reserves. You'll find potable drinking water readily available from taps and fountains maintained by municipalities in all towns and cities. Switzerland boasts above-average water reserves with numerous lakes, glaciers, and natural groundwater sources to rely on. A mere 2 per cent of annual rainfall contributes to the drinking water reserves.

Swiss cuisine embraces seasonal organic vegetables
Swiss cuisine embraces seasonal organic vegetablesSwitzerland Tourism

Food: Going Organic

Switzerland leads the way in organic consumption per capita, with Swiss retailers consistently ranking atop international sustainability lists. Swiss cuisine embraces earthy, seasonal organic vegetables and employs technology to reduce food waste. The restaurant industry in Switzerland is dedicated to a more considerate and respectful approach to nature, with over 5,000 restaurants joining the 'Too Good To Go' movement to combat food waste. Every year, the country celebrates World Vegetarian Day with enthusiasm, encouraging restaurants to craft authentic and innovative vegetarian dishes using fresh, seasonal, locally sourced greens.

Ritu Sharma, Deputy Director and Marketing Head - India at Switzerland Tourism, said, "Switzerland has been blessed by Mother Nature with its treasure of natural beauty and resources. The people of the country understand that a healthy, green way of living can only be achieved by protecting nature. As more young Indians travel to Switzerland, we see them increasingly respect the locals' regard for their environment. It is so encouraging to learn that Indian travellers are the highest users of the Swiss Travel System. As part of our ongoing Swisstainable campaign, we also encourage Indian travellers to stay longer, to explore and immerse themselves in local culture and experiences, and sample seasonal produce sourced locally."

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