India Sees Surge In Solo Trips To UAE, Egypt, Vietnam: Report

The rising trend of solo travel to these countries reflects evolving travel preferences among Indian tourists, showcasing a growing appetite for independent exploration
A solo woman traveller on a journey
A solo woman traveller on a journeyShutterstock

A significant surge in solo travel among Indians to countries like the UAE, Egypt, Singapore, and Vietnam has been observed, according to a recent report released on April 9.

The report, published by a Delhi-based online visa application platform, revealed that an increasing number of Indians are opting for solo trips to these destinations. Solo travellers constituted approximately 65 per cent of visa applications for the UAE, 60 per cent for Egypt, 40 per cent for Singapore, and 45 per cent for Vietnam, the report highlighted.

In contrast, group tours still garnered attention, with about 20 per cent of visa applications for group trips being for the UAE, 30 per cent for Egypt, 25 per cent for Singapore, and 20 per cent for Vietnam, as per the report.

The data also indicated a gender disparity in travel preferences, with 77 per cent of visa applications for the UAE and 71 per cent for Singapore being from male travellers. On the other hand, 30 per cent of female travellers applied for Singapore visas and 25 per cent for the UAE.

Notably, Dubai emerged as a favoured destination among travellers from Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, and Hyderabad, while Vietnam attracted significant interest from cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi.

Moreover, the report highlighted specific city preferences for certain destinations. Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi residents exhibited an interest in exploring Singapore, whereas travellers from Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Delhi showed a keen inclination towards visiting Egypt.

(With inputs from PTI)

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