Uttarakhand to Resurrect Tourism Via Ancient Temples

Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj will strike up a dialogue with Bollywood filmmakers as well
The temple at Kedarnath gets a huge amount of pilgrims every year
The temple at Kedarnath gets a huge amount of pilgrims every year

In order to resurrect its tourism industry, Uttarakhand&rsquos tourism minister, Satpal Maharaj, is contemplating the idea of developing the state&rsquos ancient temples, and establishing temple-circuits across the Devabhumi. These possibilities were canvassed during an exchange between Maharaj and the Uttarakhand Tourism Board on&nbspNovember 25, 2020. Helmed by Maharaj, the meeting observed the presence of a number of tourism development officers hailing from thirteen districts across the state.

Uttarakhand&rsquos tourism industry thrives off of religious tourism leveraging the pull of its temples is a decisive decision on part of the state. Additionally, it is also home to the Char Dham- a set of four pilgrimage sites that witness the arrival of hundreds of followers on a daily basis. This makes it one of the most prominent centres of religious travel in the country.

The state has identified a few temples that will fall under the ambit of this developmental initiative Patal Bhumi, Baijnath, Bagnath, Bhimeshwar, and Shiv Kapileshwar account for five out of twenty-four Shiva temples that will be integrated in the scope of the project.

A few Vishnu temples, for the institution of a Vishnu temple-circuit, have been identified by the state as well, along with Buddhist temples, Sikh shrines, and siddh peeths.

Maharaj also detailed his plans to connect with Bollywood filmmakers, and propose to them the possibility of basing their films and projects around the state&rsquos &lsquofamous personalities&rsquo and &lsquoethnic tribes&rsquo, &ldquoI&rsquove requested the Governor of Maharashtra, Bhagat Singh Koshyari, to arrange a meeting with famous film producers and directors in the near future.&rdquo

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