UPs Temple Trail To Regain Lost Glory

The UP government is renovating old temples to boost tourism across the state
The state government will also introduce other cultural fairs
The state government will also introduce other cultural fairs

We remember the year 1857 because of the first war of Independence and the Uttar Pradesh government is working towards bring back the lost era for the public to see. They have recently started renovating and reviving temples that were present in the state in 1857, along with other ancient temples in an effort to &ldquoregain lost glory&rdquo and boost tourism. The Archaeological Department has compiled a list of these temples and work is already underway to refurbish them.

Temples like the Lokeshwar Mahadev Mandir, Mandabir Baba, Mangaleshwar Dham and Vishwakarma Mandir are all part of this new project.

For example, the Mandabir Baba temple building was dilapidated. Here, renovation work has already been completed and a wall has been constructed. The fencing and lighting have also been updated in the complex.

Jitendra Kumar, principal secretary of the tourism department, mentioned that other amenities like clean drinking water, shade, and proper sanitation are also being addressed as part of the larger project. They are trying to develop Uttar Pradesh as a tourism hub for travellers across the globe with the lure of ancient heritage and culture.

Not only the temples themselves, but the roads leading up to them and other cultural fairs are part of the revival project.

The government is trying to draw attention to the historical significance of these temples to draw visitors to the state. Cultural performances, melas, classical dance and music festivals, all of these fall into the radar of cultural and religious tourism that Uttar Pradesh is promoting by way of the state&rsquos heritage. Meeting the needs of the present to highlight the glory of the past seems like a win-win.

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