An Hour to Explore Machu Picchu Introduces Timed Tickets

History buffs and nature lovers can now visit the ancient site of Machu Picchu only for an hour
The ancient site of Machu Picchu
The ancient site of Machu Picchu

It doesn't take too long for Machu Picchu to get on to a traveller's buckit list. The aura which this masterpiece of the Inca Civilisation gives out brings the best of history and nature together. If you have already planned your journey or look forward to it then you might want to take a note about the new ticketing system of the site. Under the new system, the ticket would allow only an hour to explore the lost city and should be booked online. There are nine batches a day entering the place and you can book any one of them according to your plans for the day. The site is suffering from overcrowding so you might want to book your tickets in advance to make sure that you are one step closer in completing your bucket list.

This ancient site is undergoing a hard time satisfying millions of tourists every year and has started to respond to overcrowding. This move from the Ministry of Culture was made to lessen the crowd entering the place and to ensure that the glory of Machu Picchu remains for a longer time. The polished stone walls of this UNESCO World Heritage Site are the epitome of a bygone Inca style of architecture. Witnessing about four million footfalls of tourists every year the architecture is suffering from erosion. There are strict rules under the new ticketing scheme and would also mean less interaction with other visitors as the number of tourists entering per batch is low compared to the previous ticket scheme. One hour won&rsquot be enough for you to take what the wonder of the world has to offer but you will sure have memories of a lifetime to cherish.

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