The Postcard Hotel Opens Two New Resorts in India

The Postcard Hotel announces two new luxury properties in Goa and Kochi
The Postcard Hotel plans to add 6 to 8 new hotels each year
The Postcard Hotel plans to add 6 to 8 new hotels each year

Reminiscent of an era when vacations meant putting up your feet, soaking the sun while reading a book as time moved on at a leisurely pace, The Postcard Hotel&rsquos luxury experiential properties are set to add two more hotels to their exhaustive list of residences around India. 

A hideaway resort with 20 rooms spread across 20 acres, The Postcard Hideaway in Goa&rsquos Netravali overlooks lush hills, ensconced by the western ghats. A new destination for those visiting Goa for a breather from the unforgivable city rigamarole, the hotel offers visitors a chance to detox and destress in a verdant setting, away from the cacophony of life.

Moving down south, in Kochi&rsquos cobbled lanes of Mattancherry, The Postcard Mandalay Hall was a residential Jewish quarter which has been restored into an art hotel, a homage to the past and present of the city. Each of the five luxury rooms is an immersive living gallery, exhibiting artwork and installations by different artists.

The Postcard Hotel also has 23 hotels in the pipeline, with construction underway in varied places like wildlife parks, mountains and wine estates. 

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