Table Stories is a Delicious Window into the Lives of Chefs

Till May 10, enjoy fabulous dinners hosted by culinary bigwigs at The Roseate, New Delhi
Thai fare by chefs from Bo.Lan, Bangkok
Thai fare by chefs from Bo.Lan, Bangkok

Seashells, coconuts and wildflowers bristled against glassware. Candles flickered invitingly, as guests, tipsy yet alert, exchanged nervous looks. It&rsquos not everyday you get to try Sri Lankan cuisine made by the man responsible for its global appeal. As Peter Kuruvita introduced his coastal meal, smartphones came out and island stories began flowing freely. And there&rsquos more where that came from.

Between March 12 to May 10, award-winning chefs will be taking over the kitchens of The Roseate, New Delhi to dish out seven-course feasts as part of culinary initiative Table Stories. Ranging between two to four days, you&rsquoll be able to sample the fragrant goodness of fusion Thai cuisine, Northeast Indian plates with Michelin star flair, and piquant Chettinad meals, among others. But it's not some passive banquet where you dine in silence. Each chef will also be your host and guide for the evening, taking you through personal stories and the inspiration behind every plate.

Sri Lankan chef Peter Kuruvita was the starry beginning of this line-up, which will feature other celebrity chefs like Asma Khan, Kunal Kapur, Atul Kochhar and Anna Polyviou. Aside from Kuruvita, guests have already enjoyed the table stories of Himanshu Saini (Tr&egravesind, Dubai) and Sricharan Venkatesh (Nadodi, Kuala Lumpur).

Asma, who owns Darjeeling Express in London, became a household name after Netflix series Chef&rsquos Table. Born and brought up in Kolkata, she&rsquos known for her support towards South Asian home cooks, and will showcase ancestral Bengali recipes. Kunal Kapur and Atul Kochhar are frontrunners in the realm of modern Indian cuisine, while Anna Polyviou, the &lsquoPunk Princess of Pastry&rsquo will have the last word at Table Stories with her sweet and eclectic creations. Our soft spot, however, is for The Bangala&rsquos traditional Chettiar spread, to be guided by the property&rsquos 80-something custodian Meenakshi Meyappan.

Table Stories, started by FoodInk Expeditions and Roseate Hotels & Resorts, offers curated pop-up dining experiences. For reservations, visit

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