These Nintendo characters will come alive at Super Nintendo World
These Nintendo characters will come alive at Super Nintendo World

Super Nintendo World Will Be Launched at Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan

The attraction is set to be a cross between a video game and a theme park

The 1990s were marked by the Mario video games drawing every child in front of a television. Now, you can see these characters come alive at Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan. This attraction is set to be a combination of a theme park and a video game. In fact, according to news reports, the Chief creative officer of Universal Creative Thierry Coup said that the park will be a &ldquolife-size living video game&rdquo.

When a visitor enters the park, they will be given a wristband that will connect to a mobile application and allow them to play with other players in the park. The wristband, also called the power-up band, will also allow the players to collect coins. The application will feature a map to guide one on their quest. Augmented reality may also be incorporated in the experience. 

The attraction is paradise for Mario lovers, as it will showcase real-life attractions based on the universe in Mario&mdashyou can see Mushroom, Kingdom, Princess Peach&rsquos Castle, and Bowser&rsquos Fortress. You can also hop onto the Mario Kart ride. To enhance the interactive experience, visitors will be given the task of retrieving the golden mushroom from Bowser Jr.

The launch of the theme park is just ahead of the Tokyo Olympics 2020. One can add this to the list of attractions to visit while attending the Olympic events.

Another Nintendo-based park will be opened in Universal Studio Florida, USA, in the year 2023.

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