Noma 2.0 Reopens on 21st May in a New Avatar

Coming Thursday at 1pm, one of the worlds best restaurants aka Noma 2.0 will reopen for burgers and drinks.No Reservations
The lounge at Noma 2.0
The lounge at Noma 2.0

To get a table at Noma in Copenhagen was never easy one had to wait for months to get a reservation. I remember dining at Redzepi&rsquos Noma 2.0 barely three months after it had opened in its new location, a renovated naval ammunition bunker adjoining the radical community of Christiania, on the shore of a city lake Anybody would agree that Redzepi&rsquos concept of creating a collection that would change with the trend, season by season was incredible. To get to this reservation not only did I wait many months but I especially planned my Copenhagen trip around it. The experience was absolutely worth it and I could go back for another round all over again.

Unfortunately, Noma 2.0 had to shut operations owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. The good news is that, with restrictions being eased in Denmark, Noma is back and will celebrate summer in the best (and safest) way it can. The reopening will take place in two phases. The first phase is the opening of an outdoor wine bar and no reservations are required &hellip.yes you read that correct&hellipyou can walk into Noma without a reservation and enjoy a burger and a drink for just 15 euros  On the menu are a cheeseburger and the veggie burger. Both are salacious and bursting with umami, with a tiny bit of magic from the fermentation cellar, &ldquoserved on a recently baked potato bun developed by our friends at Gasoline Grill&rdquo, shares Rene. This change is rather a wee bit dramatic but not permanent. &ldquoIt is about being together in these trying times,&rdquo Rene adds. After 2 to 3 weeks, the restaurant might add a few more options, such as ice cream, fried chicken sandwich, etc. 

Secondly, in order to open Noma, the restaurant as before, it will require some additional time to get the mechanism up and running again. There is no official opening date for the restaurant as of now, but one hopes they will very soon. No new reservations are being accepted at the moment. However, those who have an existing reservation or those who generously purchased a prepayment voucher, will be given a shout out by Noma at the earliest.

Selling burgers, Rene agrees, won&rsquot make an enormous difference to Noma&rsquos bottomline but he is in it for team bonding and the spirit of community. It's not about the money right now. Being one of the first leading chefs to reopen after the shutdown, Rene is at the forefront&mdashthis time pionerring a possible framework for how eateries can function during a time of profound uncertainty.

The wine bar will be open Thursday-Sunday, 1pm-9pm, no reservations, from 21st May. There will also be an option for takeaway (both wine and food) orders accepted at the door. 

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