Groove To The Beats At This Hip Hop Museum In Bronx

A museum solely dedicated to the history and culture of Hip Hop music is all set to open in The Bronx in New York City
Universal Hip Hop Museum is expected to break ground in 2020
Universal Hip Hop Museum is expected to break ground in 2020

What started out as a fad in the 1970&rsquos in NYC, has today taken the world by storm and grown into a cultural phenomenon. A culture of fashion, language, music, movement, visual art and expression, hip hop draws influences from Caribbean, Latino and African-American cultures. The musical genre gained prominence in the early 1970&rsquos in one of New York&rsquos toughest neighbourhoods, The Bronx. While the city of New York is home to many museums, the Universal Hip Hop museum is not to be missed. 

Dedicated to the history and prominent figures of hip hop, the Universal Hip Hop Museum is expected to open its doors by 2023, marking the 50th anniversary of the musical genre. The museum is a collaboration between Microsoft and MIT Centre for Advanced Virtuality and several artists like Nas, Q-Tip, Ice-T to name a few. 

Currently, there is a pop-up museum in Bronx Terminal Market that is being operated temporarily. Visitors to the museum will be guided through the history of hip hop, right from its emergence in the 1970&rsquos to the contemporary scene. According to reports, this will be the first such cultural institution in the US and will have a place for breakdancers, graffiti, dee-jays, emcees and some of the iconic hip hop artists of all times. Furthermore, museum director, Rocky Bucano stated that the museum is part of the "renaissance of The Bronx". 

The new museum is expected to increase the footfall of tourists to this part of the city. Home to famous artists like Cardi B and Kerry Washington, Bronx is often frequented by movie buffs, more so now because of the famous &lsquoJoker Stairs&rsquo. And with the opening of the Hip Hop Museum, The Bronx is all set for a revamp.

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