Blog 15 Great Road Trip Songs

Hit the road with this playlist
Blog 15 Great Road Trip Songs
Blog 15 Great Road Trip Songs

15 Great Drive Songs

Winter is the perfect time to set out on long drives. And whats a drive without some great music to accompany you Heres our purpose-built playlist for setting the tarmac on fire.

Weezer Holiday

The kings of Power Pop know how to hit the melodic sweet spot like few other bands. And who can argue with the idyll of Holiday

Dont bother to pack your bags,

Or your map,

We wont need them where were going,

Were going where the wind is blowing,

Not knowing where were gonna stay,


The Beatles Get Back

That chugging bass line, the manic guitar, and the playful organ all entice you to take off, because sometimes you cant get to where you want to without getting back to where you once belonged.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Road Trippin

The funk meisters mellow, soft focus song is so self-explanatory that theres little for me to say. Its especially perfect if youre headed for a beach. Staying high and drys more trouble than its worth in the sun, they sing. We agree.

Fastball The Way

Who doesnt want to leave all their cares behind and just take off onthe open road And thats just what the protagonists of The Way do. In the paradise that they run off to one fine morning, Theyll never get hungry, theyll never get old and grey. Perfect.

Otis Redding (Sittin On) The Dock of the Bay

Slow down a little for this soul classic. Sometimes when you despair that nothing is ever going to change, maybe its enough to justdip your feet in the sea and whistle a wistful tune.

Tom Petty Runnin Down a Dream

Tom Petty sings the ultimate myth of the open road on this classic.

Runnin down a dream

That never would come to me

Workin on a mystery, goin wherever it leads

Steppenwolf Born To Be Wild

Another one that was born to be blasted out of a car going full tilt down the highway. And yes, when youve got the need for speed, you are taking the world in a love embrace

James Brown Night Train

Over a staccato rhythm the mirrors a subway train, the king of funk James Brown raps over an infectious groove that will get you moving, all the way down to that distant sunset.

The Grateful Dead Truckin

Youre coming to the end of your drive. But the drive back remains. Once thats done, you can reflect on what a long, strange trip its been.

Chuck Berry Route 66

The rocknroll pioneer does his unique take on the ultimate road trip song.

Roy Orbison I Drove All Night

When Roy Orbison sings in his honey velvet voice, I drove all night, to get to you, youll want to do the same.

Led Zeppelin Going To California

Not all driving music has to be bombastic, of course. This lilting tune by the hard rock titans flows down the highway wistfully, and you float along.

The Clash Brand New Cadillac

From the opening riff to Joe Strummer intoning Drive, drive, play this song on a loop as you make your getaway

The Modern Lovers Roadrunner

Nodding off on your wheel on an overnight drive Listen to the radio, and be like the roadrunner, driving alone through the dark.

The Temptations Papa Was a Rollin Stone

That funky guitar, that ominous bass line, those fantastic voices drive on to the end of the line, and then some.

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