Raahgiri Days Are Back In Delhi

Traffic-free bliss for a few hours every month
Raahgiri Days Are Back In Delhi
Raahgiri Days Are Back In Delhi

Is living a Delhi ever a walk in a park With Raahgiri Day coming back in action, the answer to that question may just be yes. For the uninformed, Raahgiri is an initiative that gives people access to the streets to enjoy more pedestrian-friendly days in India. The initiative first began in Gurugram in November 2013, on Sundays. After its success, it was adopted in other areas in India, including CP and other parts of Delhi NCR, Bhopal, Chandigarh and Hyderabad, among others.

However, the initiative was off for a few years in the capital city, and is now coming back as per reports. Raahgiri Day is back on the last Sunday of every month starting May 26 and will be on at CP in New Delhi.

The day will be a car-free day for CP, with the inner circle being cordoned off from 6am-9am. There will be activities such as cycling, dance workshops, Zumba, and citizens are free to walk, jog or play a sport on the roads&mdashno honking over here.

This is similar to the recently introduced &lsquoOpen Streets Day&rsquo by Edinburgh, capital of Scotland. The government recently introduced the concept in which the city&rsquos old town centre would be closed to motorised vehicles and be more &lsquopeople focussed&rsquo on the first Sunday of every month. But the buck begins at home.

Learn more about Raahgiri Days here.

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