Check Out This Orient Express Themed-Hotel in Edinburgh

House of Gods aims to channel the mystique of a bygone era with 22 boutique cabins inspired by the famous passenger train
'Hedonistic hideaway' Sounds about right
'Hedonistic hideaway' Sounds about right

Ever since it set out on its maiden journey in 1883, the glamour and indulgence of the Orient Express has enamoured millions. Originally connecting Paris and Istanbul, the iconic passenger train continues to resonate with varied audiences, having found expression in books, music, video games, television and cinema. But House of Gods, a new four-star hotel that&rsquos opened in Cowsgate, Edinburgh, is taking it a step further. The entire property&mdash22 rooms split into cabin, classic and suite options&mdashis modelled on the now-defunct train&rsquos decadent interiors, combined with a dash of the weird and eclectic.

&nbspThe weird is a compliment, because we&rsquore not sure where the cheetah statues or tiger-print pillows fit in, but it all seems well-appointed. 

&lsquoThe Cabin&rsquo rooms are a cosy 10 sq m, equipped with a sleigh bed and hidden TV mirror. &lsquoThe Classic&rsquo offers a more spacious 14 sq m with its Versailles-inspired rooms, while &lsquoThe Suite&rsquo lays out the most extravagant stay of the lot. At 27 sq m, it features a hand-built four-poster bed, a cinema projector screen, and a free-standing Victorian bathtub. 

All 22 rooms come with hidden Nespresso machines, hand-built cocktail bars and marble-clad wet wall bathrooms. Another mainstay at House of Gods is Lillith&rsquos Lounge, a colourful cocktail bar with drinks and decor inspired by the debauchery of Rock&rsquon&rsquoRoll. 

Services plan to follow an unapologetic, &lsquomore is more&rsquo policy. &ldquoIf you, like Van Halen, just can&rsquot stand the thought of brown M&ampM&rsquos contaminating your favourite sweet treat&mdashno problem...Or maybe like old school diva Barbra Streisand you require your toilet to be filled with rose petals&mdashno problem. We can...accommodate your wildest desires, from Champagne-filled bathtubs to indulgent midnight feasts,&rdquo says House of Gods on their website. 

The hotel is located in the Cowsgate neighbourhood in the Royal Mile, part of Edinburgh&rsquos Old Town. Nearby attractions include Edinburgh Castle (a Unesco World Heritage Site), the National Museum of Scotland, St Giles Cathedral and Waverley Station. For bookings and more information, see

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