Love Beautiful Homes These European Cities Must Be on Your Travel Bucket List

From culture to couture to cuisine, Paris is known for many reasons. But did you know that travellers also consider it as the European city with the most beautiful homes
Love Beautiful Homes These European Cities Must Be on Your Travel Bucket List
Love Beautiful Homes These European Cities Must Be on Your Travel Bucket List

The new variant of the deadly COVID-19 virus prevented a much awaited cheerful start to the New Year. However, hopes are high that travel will restart soon and the digital media is busy trying to find out the travel trends for 2022, including which are the cities that will draw the most tourists and why. While the parameters keep varying and accordingly the cities, United Kingdom based online and telephone comparison and switching platform, Uswitch, has hit upon an interesting idea.  When international travel restrictions ease, which is the city you would love to visit because of its beautiful homes

While the playing field remains wide open, Uswitch, decided to check out Pinterest &ndash the popular image sharing and digital media service &ndash to study the European scenario.

The study revealed that Paris (pictured above) remains top of mind among search interest about European cities most worth a visit for their beautiful homes as reflected by Pinterest, with 955 boards (a collection where users save specific pins) dedicated to it. Country-wise, three Italian cities feature among the top 10 cities.

Berlin is a distant second with 256 Pinterest boards. At third position is Amsterdam (Netherlands) with 180 boards with Athens close at its heels with 177 boards. Comprising the remaining of the top 10 are - &nbspVenice, Barcelona, Rome, Dublin, Florence, Edinburgh, and Vienna.

The study has also analysed the key traits which have endeared these cities to travellers. And the platform&rsquos experts have also added some tips which are likely to help do-it-yourself aficionados to incorporate their favourite city vibes into their own homes.

According to the study, it is the stunning historic architecture of Paris which has led people to highly value the classic Parisian home and interior. Therefore, if you are keen to give a bit of Parisian touch to your home avoid over-staging and focus on textures colour and material, the researchers pointed out. Berliners, it appears, with their edgy and artsy vibe, have mastered the simple yet effective interior and exterior. So, a DIY fix may include antiques such as a vintage brass lamp to give your house an extra touch of style.

In contrast, the ones at the bottom of the list were Reykjavik, which - as the study says - appears to be one of the least-loved European cities on Pinterest. "Our study found just one board dedicated to homes in the city and 54 pins - the least of all European cities studied. This may be because although the ironclad homes are effective in cold weather, they are not the most visually appealing."

Next on the bottom is Strasbourg in France which had two boards only centred around homes in the city and 94 pins, and Innsbruck in Austria with three boards dedicated to homes in the city on the platform. Estonia&rsquos capital Tallinn had just seven boards, alongside Ghent in Belgium. 

For more details on the cities, the methodology used for the survey, and tips, see the report here

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