Palace of Versailles To Host Its First EDM Party No Kidding

17th-century French aristocracy meets new era music
Palace of Versailles to host first EDM party
Palace of Versailles to host first EDM party

Once host to perhaps the most elaborate, avant-garde festivals of art and music to the French royalty, Ch&acircteau de Versailles is now preparing to hold its very first EDM show. Yes, you heard that right. The Palace, famous for witnessing some of the most important events in France's history, is lined up for another historical event in June this year.

French electro legend Busy P, the founder of Ed Banger Records will be seen performing at the foot of The Hall of Mirrors followed by Breakbot x Irfane. The line-up also features other stars from the electro scene such as Myd and So Me who will be jamming with some major electronic DJs. The pristine terraces of the palace will be occupied by the DJs and overlooking the extravagant French gardens that would have been turned into gigantic dance floors.

Ed Banger Records has become one of dance-music's most iconic labels and it recently won a Grammy for Justice's Woman Worldwide. The show at the 17th century royal household is a celebration for the same.

After the French Revolution of 1789 and the World War II treaty, this is probably the most iconic event to take place at the premises and not worth missing out.

You can visit here&nbspfor more information on the programme and tickets.

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