Nandi Hills to be Developed as a Tourist Circuit

Plans include beautification of the entire hill station to attract tourists
The otherworldly Nandi Hills, just 60km from Bengaluru
The otherworldly Nandi Hills, just 60km from Bengaluru

Located north of Bengaluru, Nandi Hills houses a fortress built by the Ganga dynasty during the 11th century. The hill station will now be developed as a tourist circuit.

Plans for the same were announced by Karnataka Health Minister Sudhakar K. In a social media post, he said that a detailed blueprint for the comprehensive development of Nandi Hills has been sketched out. 

Owing to its historical and religious significance along with the beauty of its natural landscape, Nandi Hills attracts tourists year-round.

Sudhakar said that the plan includes the beautification of the entire hill station. In addition, eco-tourism facilities will be created, trekking trails will be cleaned and archeological monuments will be restored.

Nandi Hills is about 60kms away from Bengaluru. The destination is a popular getaway spot for residents as well as people who are looking to go on a day trip.

Visitors can explore the summer home of Tipu Sultan and the Yoga Nandeeshwara temple. The infamous Tipu&rsquos Drop where people who were sentenced to death during his reign were pushed is also located here. However, today, the spot is known for adventure sports such as paragliding. It is popular for trekking and cycling as well.

Tipu Sultan and his father Haider Ali expanded and strengthened the forts built by local chieftains. They were divided into twin forts. After a siege in 1791, it eventually became a retreat for British Raj officials during the hot season. Bungalows and gardens were developed to suit the needs of the British.

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