Long-haul Flights With Children Just Got Easier

Air New Zealand and Air Astana are stepping up their game with baby pods and child harnesses for child-friendly travel
Travel Safe With Your Little One In Airplanes That Cater To Their Needs (Representative image)
Travel Safe With Your Little One In Airplanes That Cater To Their Needs (Representative image)

With tiny leg space on long flights, an infant on your lap can leave you with a lot of aches and pains. Select airlines&mdashlike Air New Zealand&mdashhowever, are trying to make flights more comfortable for families.

Most US airlines instruct parents to keep an infant on their lap without a seat belt. Air New Zealand, on the other hand, plans to include infant harness and belts on all of its Boeing 777 and 787-9 long flights. This arrangement&mdashcomplimentary in the economic coach&mdashallows passengers to recline flat down with their child, without paying for a business- or first-class seat. The harness comes in three sizes and can hold a baby up to 40 pounds (approx. 18 kgs). A bassinet-like baby pod that allows infants to sleep flat on their back has also been introduced.

Another airline looking out for comfortable long hauls is the Kazakh carrier Air Astana, which services Astana, London, Frankfurt and Paris. Its Economy Sleeper lets passengers have an entire row with the armrests folded up, with a mattress, pillow and duvet provided. We&rsquore unsure of how comfortable it&rsquod be for an adult to sleep with their baby within this arrangement, though. Air New Zealand isn&rsquot far behind here&mdashits Economy Skycouch offers raisable leg rests for a larger sleeping space.

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