Italy To Go Green & Electric

Travel across Italy in the latest double-decker electric bus and call yourself a responsible tourist
Representative image of an electric bus
Representative image of an electric bus

If you are planning to visit Italy for the upcoming vacations, you can soon award yourself the badge of a responsible tourist. You can now travel through the alleys, circle around the piazzas and see all the sights in Italy in the country's first-ever electric bus service.

With the aim of environmental sustainability, the City Sightseeing Italy group has launched the first electrically operated bus for tourists, which also has an&nbspopen rooftop for sightseeing Italy&rsquos finest landscapes and cultural heritage. The bus will provide its services through 14 major cities of the country, starting with Milan where it was tested before being brought to the public. 

The bus was imported from China, and the price of availing this bus is double than the regular diesel bus. It has&nbsp70 seats, a seat for differently-abled, wifi, and a guided audio tape&nbspHowever, the group aims to replace all the diesel buses with the electric ones so as to achieve better environmental conditions across the country. With the sense of enhancing sustainable tourism and offering excellent excursion and zero environmental impact, the group calls this move as the &lsquogreen strategy&rsquo. If the plan turns out to be a success then it could lead to some major development in Italy. It is the second electric bus service in Europe, first being in circulation in Paris.

The fifth-most visited country in the world can be a great example for others in terms of mature tourism methods and sustainability with this move.

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