Indri Trini Indian Single Malt Makes The Right Noise

Indias newest single malt whisky, Indri Trini has won accolades far and wide, putting the distillery from an obscure village on the map
Indri Trini was launched late in 2021
Indri Trini was launched late in 2021

Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas is a small village called Indri. This quaint place was chosen by Piccadily distillery group as the site for their malt distillery in 2012. Little did they know that this humble distillery would soon put them on the single malt map. 

Indri-Trini Alluring The Senses

Named after the village where it was born, Indri Trini is the latest single malt that has created the right noise within months of its launch, winning the award for the Best Single Malt coming out India in 2022 at the t World Whiskey Awards 2022, which commending the best whiskies in 16 categories covering style and production methods. And not just this, at the 2022 edition of Dom Roskrow&rsquos New Wizards Awards (The NWAs), Indri &ndash Trini was awarded as the Best Asian Whisky of the year award.  

In spite of its obscure origins, the single malt has all the makings of a fine drink. Located on the banks of the Yamuna river, access to glacier water from the Himalayas and the region&rsquos climate allows the malt inside the barrels to naturally mature faster. Experimentations with spirits and wood barrels also lends sweet tropical flavours and rich natural colour to Indri. 

The Taste Test

The single malt, in addition to being named after a village, also alludes to a Sanskrit word Indris, which denotes the five senses. The word Trini refers to the three wooden barrels in which the malt is matured - first fill bourbon, ex-french wine and PX sherry casks. It is distilled using the traditional Indian 6 row barley, matured in selected barrels, and blended carefully to bring out the Individual contribution of each wood without overshadowing the original whisky profile.

The gentle warmth and undercurrents of spice, with hints of black tea, caramelised pineapple and a whiff of oak from the barrel comes forward, allowing each flavour to compliment one another without overshadowing any one profile. To all the single malt enthusiasts, Indri seems like a fair bet. 

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