Grumpy Traveller Deep freeze

Bad service on a flight along with a horde of noisy passengers can ruin your journey
Grumpy Traveller Deep freeze
Grumpy Traveller Deep freeze

Ticket prices are skyrocketing, the seats are getting smaller, leg space has reduced and the food is atrociously priced. Yet, I choose to travel by air every time I travel. After I dodge uncle-jis (who have nothing better to do than to gawp at any woman in their vicinity) and mod aunty-jis with their LV bags and loud lipstick, all I want to do is collapse in my seat (window, of course), pop my earphones and sleep. An impossible task, if you ask me, given that on my last plane journey I was accompanied by cacophonic children, had Kenny G&rsquos uninspired music playing incessantly in the background, and there was some guy talking loudly to his co-pas&shysenger on the seat right behind mine.

To top it all, it was freezing cold inside the cabin. I politely waited until after take-off to press the call button, and after 5 minutes of my trying to rub some life into my slowly numbing arms, a vacant-looking airhostess decided to grace me with her presence. I smiled, my teeth chattering, and asked for a blanket. &ldquoPlease wait,&rdquo I was told. Ten minutes went by, and I could see the airhostesses getting the food and beverages cart ready. I pressed the button again. There was a glass of water on her tray this time. &ldquoThe blanket&rdquo I reminded her. Another five minutes and my patience had run dry. I jabbed at the button and put on my most stern expression almost at once an airhostess approached my seat and told me that there were no blan&shykets available. And no, it couldn&rsquot become any warmer in the cabin &mdash &ldquoyou should have carried something warm,&rdquo I was told.

Now, I&rsquom not a fussy traveller, and I don&rsquot see why the tempera&shyture couldn&rsquot have been increased, unless all my co-passengers were from the Arctic and were used to sub-zero temperatures. And forget the temperature, is it so difficult for an airline to make provisions for a couple of blankets on each flight

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