Tom Alter

The actor-orator tells us about two hotels closest to his heart
Tom Alter
Tom Alter

OT Favourite hotel in the world
Tom Alter I have two, actually. One is the old Taj (the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower in Bombay. The other, in Ranikhet, is called Holm Farm (

OT Last visited and for how long
Tom Alter I visit Sea Lounge at the Taj quite often. But the last time I stayed was for a weekend honeymoon around 15 years ago. In Holm Farm, I spent around 20 days during a film shoot last year.

OT The experience
Tom Alter Bombay&rsquos Taj has a unique charm. The rooms are tastefully done, wall colours subdued, and service immaculate.

Holm Farm, on the other hand, is a heritage resort. Originally a bungalow built by an Englishman during the 1860s, it ended in the hands of a Mr Upadhyaya during Partition. Now run by his son Himanshu and wife Uma, the bungalow looks out onto the Himalayan peaks. On clear mornings, you wake up to a clear view of the Nanda Devi peak. The best thing is that the resort is situated away from the town. I loved taking walks there. While the driveway cuts through a forest, an orchard lies in the immediate vicinity, where they grow flowers and vegetables. And the Holm Farm stewards were always very attentive.

OT The food
Tom Alter At Sea Lounge, I always start with the Tomato Coriander soup followed by a salad. I end with coffee, unless tempted by a Black Forest slice. In Holm Farm, the cooks were delightful &mdash they would make anything you wished for Continental, Chinese, Punjabi, Pahari, and other regional cuisines. I remember a homesick Gujarati family contentedly supping on their Gujarati dinner. My pick was Chicken Curry &mdash it was delicious with Basmati rice. 

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