Sara Ali Khan's Love For Travel

While promoting her film 'Atrangi Re', Sara Ali Khan talks to Outlook Traveller about her favourite travel destinations
Sara Ali Khan wishes to go to Hampi in the future
Sara Ali Khan wishes to go to Hampi in the future

What is travelling for you 

For me travelling and exploring new places is all about spending time with yourself. The time I spend while travelling is something very dear to me. 

Your favourite Indian travel destination and your favourite place abroad

When it comes to India, my absolute favourite travel destination is Kedarnath, and outside of India, I love spending time in the Big Apple, that is New York, in the US.

What do you pack while travelling but never use

It has got to be my collection of sunglasses (laughs). I always pack them, thinking I'd use them, but somehow, I never do

As an actor, you travel to different locations for work too. What has been your favourite travel experience/adventure

I think Madurai (Tamil Nadu) was outstanding. We shot the song 'Chakachak' from my film there, and it was a great experience. Shooting for the movie Kedarnath in the city was also a unique experience that I will always cherish.

Your most treasured souvenir from a vacation

Not a souvenir as such, but whenever I travel to Ajmer Sharif or the Golden Temple or Bangla Sahib, I always bring back prasad. I like that. 

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Did you travel during or after the pandemic How was it as an experience for you 

I went to Goa during the pandemic. It was very different we were always just in the villa. I also travelled to Kedarnath recently, which is and will always be, I am sure, beautiful. I actually travelled quite a lot during the pandemic (smiles).

What&rsquos next on your list of places-to-visit

I really want to go to Hampi. That's one of the places I have always wanted to visit, and I really can't wait to get some time off, or get an opportunity to go there.

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