JW Marriott Juhu's Sharad Puri
JW Marriott Juhu's Sharad Puri

Meet the General Manager JW Marriott Juhus Sharad Puri

A visionary and an exemplary leader, Sharad Puri began his career with the Oberoi School of Learning and Development in 1993, as a management trainee. With his first job as an inspirational leader in 1996, he continues to retain his forte at JW Marriott, Juhu, Mumbai as the General Manager, since October 2017.

Puri's experience and expertise is spread over 22 years of working with luxury hotels. Not only a critical thinker but also a multitasker, Puri knows how to grab an opportunity by the horns and drive it towards profitability. With a sturdy grip on finance and budgeting, his disciplined nature speaks volumes of his knowledge. Puri, along with his team, shares a vision of commitment towards a warm and personalised guest experience and intermingles with clients, suppliers and competitors tenaciously.

 * First job 
Lobby Manager at The Oberoi Towers Mumbai in 1996 (now Trident Nariman Point). 

* Favourite corner of the hotel 
The vibrant lobby that offers a view of the Arabian Sea, where I can see guests being welcomed or given a fond farewell. It&rsquos the best office in the world. 

* 5 words you think sum up a successful hotel
As Mr Marriott said, &ldquoLook around with fresh eyes.&rdquo 

* At what age did you become a General Manager
At 36, for Trident Hilton, Chennai. 

* What&rsquos your hotel&rsquos philosophy 
Inspired by the principles of mindfulness, we enable you to focus on 'the whole you'. Be present in mind, nourished in body and revitalised in spirit. We believe in curating memorable, luxury experiences and extending a warm and personalised service. The reason for any organisation&rsquos success is the culture and we&rsquore proud to imbibe the Marriott Culture. 

* Which department is your pride 
That&rsquos like asking a parent who&rsquos your favourite child. Moreover, I feel cooperation and coordination are the keys to success, the lesser we departmentalise the better. I&rsquom blessed to have a wonderful team led by a very dynamic and focused EXCOM. 

* What inspires you 
One of Mr. Marriott&rsquos ideologies, &ldquoSpend quality time in the lobby observe, listen and learn what can be improved.&rdquo 

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