Meet The General Manager Hyatt Regencys Kumar Shobhan

He is passionate, effective and always leads the charge. Kumar Shobhan, who started his career in August 2000, specialises in F&B. He has been the General Manager at Hyatt Regency Kolkata since 2019.
Kumar Shobhan, General Manager, Hyatt Regency, Kolkata
Kumar Shobhan, General Manager, Hyatt Regency, Kolkata

It took him a year to commence the phased restoration of the property and bring the hotel operations in line. Shaping the legacy and modifying the goals as he went, Shobhan pioneered changes in F&ampB and social events, which have added to the guest experience. Running a well-oiled machine takes logic and Shobhan knows to lead and motivate his team. His work in the hospitality industry has been diverse, creating a distinguished hold over the versatile sector. Be it handling negotiations, calculating and managing revenue, crisis management or the numerous other operation services, this General Manager has it all figured. 

First job 


A favourite corner of the hotel 

The community table in the lobby. 

5 words you think sum up a successful hotel

Care, passion, perfection, people and communication. 

What&rsquos your hotel&rsquos philosophy 

We care for people so that they can be their very best. 

Any crazy demands

Not crazy, but once, our guest wanted honey for breakfast. The problem was that we couldn&rsquot understand each other&rsquos language. He made a buzzing sound and tried to tell us using gestures. Fortunately, we understood the buzzing and all was well. 

Which department is your pride 

That&rsquos difficult, I am going with all. 

At what age did you become a general manager

At 39, for Hyatt Regency, Lucknow. 

Who inspires you 

My son. I love the way he sees the world and how he reinvents things. As the GM, I believe we have to keep reinventing ourselves and our processes constantly. 

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