India is one country that this British musician always wanted to visit for as long as he can remember

OT Which are your favourite destinations to holiday in
Bonobo I rarely take a vacation because I&rsquom always touring with my band. But I do love southeast Asia. So places like Cambodia and Thailand are my favourites. Montreal is one of my favorite cities in the world I&rsquove spent a lot of time there.

OT And where have you enjoyed performing the most
Bonobo The North Borders tour was great. Having the opportunity to see cool places all over the world was fun. Erykah Badu (American singer-songwriter) sang with me at a sold-out show in San Francisco &mdash which was really cool. And performing on two nights at the Sydney Opera House stands out for me as one of the best experiences I&rsquove had.

OT What are the destinations on your wish list
When I was young I wanted to take a year off from college and come to India, but I never got a chance to do so. It&rsquos a country I&rsquove wanted to visit for as long as I can remember. Can&rsquot wait to bring the live show to Johnnie Walker the Journey Festival*. I&rsquom expecting to absorb the culture and to see what India is all about the people, the food, the community. And to experience it as a performer is so unique.

OT Your favourite music destination&hellip
Bonobo I love Montreal, there is a strong connection with the crowd. There used to be a Ninja Tune office based there back in the day, so it&rsquos always felt like a second home. Tours always start and end there.

OT What is your idea of the perfect vacation
Bonobo I&rsquom not very good at doing nothing. So I&rsquod want to get out of the city, perhaps go somewhere in the mountains surrounded by wilderness. I&rsquod definitely want to do some adventure sports, hike, ride bikes and really just enjoy the rustic, natural feeling that comes from being out of the city.

OT Five things you never travel without&hellip
Bonobo Headphones, my cellphone, OP 1 synthesizer, Ableton on my laptop and perhaps a pillow.

OT  What do you shop for when you travel
Bonobo Usually records. I love visiting record stores in different cities. But it&rsquos difficult to carry a lot when you&rsquore on tour, especially if you love buying vinyls.

OT Your favourite cuisine&hellip
Bonobo Japanese and Indian food. Both cuisines have such fantastic flavours

*The interview was taken prior to his visit to India in December 2014.

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