A Tte--Tte with Gagan and Shilpa Sethi of Goa Nights, Macau

Goa Nights in Macau, run by an Indian brother-sister duo, has made it to the 51 to 100 list of Asia's 50 Best Bars
The bar area at Goa Nights
The bar area at Goa Nights

Goa Nights was the 1st&nbspcraft cocktail bar (non-hotel) in Macau and also to win Bar Awards, HK & Macau edition in 2019, got recognized by Tatler Asia. As &ldquoBest Restaurant 2021&rdquo and now has entered the Asia&rsquos 50 Best Bars list. Entrepreneur brother and sister, Gagan and Shilpa Sethi conceptualized Goa Nights in 2017 and got into operations in 2018. Gagan thought of the need to start a craft cocktail bar / modern Indian cuisine in Macau as they were none in Macau outside the hotel and hence the birth of Goa Nights. Gagan and Shilpa have 20 years of experience in the F&ampB industry from India.

Top 5 things according to you that made Goa Nights reach the list
1. Happy guests

2. A great team

3. Our passion for hand crafted cocktails

4. Eclectic menu choices

4. Great music, and a cosy and comfortable atmosphere

What has been the best moment of your career so far
Given the challenging times we are all going through since the start of the pandemic we are lucky to have been recognized by the Asia 50 best and that too in just three years of existence.

What is your favourite drink to order at a restaurant 

One of your earliest alcohol memories
Getting happy with our cousins in an army cantonment open cinema in Ramgarh, Bihar.

What would you choose to do for drinks on a special occasion stay at home and be the bar tender, or go out 
Stay home and host.

If you could only have three tools in your bar, what would they be 
The 3 Ss Shaker, Stirrer and Strainer 

What do you have in your fridge right now 
Lots of clear block ice and Gin.

What one piece of advice would you pass on to young bar tenders
Be innovative, do not shy away from trying new things, and always be willing to learn

Secret of your success
Believing in the concept and going ahead with it. A fabulous team who is still holding the fort during such trying times.

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