Air Traffic Hits a Milestone as More People Choose to Travel

More than 5.16 lakh passengers flew across India on January 9, 2021, and more are expected to join as air travel becomes a safer mode of transport
5.16 lakh people flew across India on January 9
5.16 lakh people flew across India on January 9

More than 2.59 lakh passengers departed from Indian airports on January 9, while a minimum of 2.56 lakh passengers landed across the country on the same day.

According to information provided by the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA), as many as 5.16 lakh passengers flew across India, not in the first week of January, but on a single day (January 9).

Last year, air traffic had decreased dramatically due to lockdown restrictions in every state and only began to pick up later in the year. However, this New Year narrates a different story for the aviation and travel industry in the country. It appears many individuals are travelling, leading to a higher number of passengers taking flights.

Around 4,306 flight movements took place last week on Saturday to accommodate over 5.16 lakh passengers, marking a milestone for aviation operations in India after the COVID-19 outbreak.

A total of 2,151 flight departures and 2,155 arrivals were registered across the country on the day. 

Meanwhile, a survey conducted by flight operator Vistara indicated that more travellers are switching to air travel as a mode of transport, as it is considered safe.

As of October last year, a rise was seen in passengers taking flights. Many are also using flights just for traveling. With this year's projected rise in the category of leisure travel, the number of people taking flights will likely increase as well.

Although travel across Indian states is expected to rise, as opposed to domestic travel, international travel, on the other hand, is anticipated to stay on the low end.

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