An Eco-Tourism Circuit Connecting 350 Locations to Crop Up in Maharashtra

The state government has set aside 351 crores for developing and linking well liked tourist spots in the state.
Sunset at Rajgad in Maharashtra
Sunset at Rajgad in Maharashtra

Maharashtra&rsquos Minister of Finance, Planning, and Forests &ndash Mr. Sudhir Mungantiwar said work on 43 destinations will be commenced in the first phase of the project, 139 in the second phase with work on the remaining locations set to be undertaken in the third phase.  

Senior officials stated that the circuit is set to include and connect 124 forest gardens, 43 historical forts, six tiger projects, 33 wildlife sanctuaries, 52 religious destinations, 55 eco-tourism destinations and lastly five hill stations. Phew, you can finally catch your breath now 

The Maharashtra Eco-Tourism Board is overseeing the project, which also includes the sprawling and forested Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai. Mr. Mungantiwar elucidated further, &ldquoMaharashtra is the best state for all types of tourism including forts, coastal tourism, forest safaris and spiritual tourism. Tourism is a plus point for the state to create employment opportunities for locals. The Eco-tourism Board implements various initiatives considering all these aspects, and this will be one of the major projects of the board&rdquo.  

Mr.&nbspMungantiwar was also able to confirm that the draft plans of 189 destinations have already been green lighted. Not only hoping to create a more organized and systematic touristic experience, the move is set to create local employment opportunities through means of home stays, providing vehicles for tourists, operating as tour guides and other odd jobs.  

There you have it, nailing two birds with one stone (increased tourism and employment). 

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