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A new travel trends report suggests that solo travel surged by 250 per cent in 2023, with Manali, Shimla, and Jammu and Kashmir reigning as preferred destinations
Solo travellers seek the freedom to explore at their own pace
Solo travellers seek the freedom to explore at their own pace

In an era marked by self-exploration and adventure, the allure of solo travel has captured the hearts of wanderers worldwide. A recent travel trend report by leading travel fintech SanKash reveals a remarkable surge in solo travel, with Jammu and Kashmir, Manali, and Shimla emerging as the most sought-after destinations for those eager to embark on their own unique journeys. This trend signifies a shift towards self-discovery, as travellers seek the freedom to explore at their own pace and immerse themselves in nature's splendour.

Favoured Destinations

According to the research, Jammu and Kashmir claim the top spot, captivating approximately 35 per cent of solo travellers with its enchanting landscapes and cultural richness. The charming town of Manali follows closely behind, capturing the imagination of 25 per cent of solo adventurers, while Shimla entices 14 per cent with its picturesque surroundings. Notable mentions include Mussoorie, Sikkim, and Goa, each boasting unique appeal, with booking percentages at nine, seven, and five per cent, respectively.

The Resurgence Of Domestic Travel

March 2023 marked a significant turning point for domestic travel, as its popularity soared and capacity swiftly rebounded to pre-pandemic levels, with bookings already reaching 100 per cent of pre-pandemic levels for domestic travel. Travellers now crave destinations renowned for their natural beauty and cultural heritage, fueling the resurgence of wanderlust within their own country.

The Allure Of Solo Travel

A noteworthy trend highlighted in the report is the exponential surge of 250 per cent in solo travel during the first quarter of FY23. The desire for self-exploration, adventure, and a reconnection with nature resonates deeply with modern travellers. This inclination towards solo travel stems from the yearning for freedom and independence, as individuals seek to break free from their comfort zones and avoid being swayed by the whims of fellow travellers. With solo travel, they can craft their own unique narratives and create unforgettable memories.

For The Solo Women

With the continued allure of solo travelling there are now also special hostels and all-women travel companies catering solely to the requirements of solo women travellers. Curated itineraries and a focus on safety are some of the essentials when travelling alone as a woman. The surge in solo travel to destinations like Jammu and Kashmir, Manali, and Shimla signifies a transformative shift in travel patterns. It reflects a growing desire among travellers to embark on personal odysseys unhindered by the expectations of others. Solo travel allows individuals to embrace independence, discover hidden treasures, and forge a deeper connection with themselves and the world around them.

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