Why Glamping In A Yurt Should Be On Your 2024 Travel List 

Glamping is a fast-catching trend, and if you are still in two minds about living in a yurt, maybe it's time to reconsider
Why Glamping In A Yurt Should Be On Your 2024 Travel List 
The allure of yurts has emerged as a captivating trend, offering travellers a blend of rustic charm and luxuryShutterstock

India's vacation landscape has witnessed a notable shift towards unique and immersive travel experiences in recent years, specifically after the pandemic. It's evident from industry reports and trends that experiential stays have been steadily growing in popularity across the country in recent years. Factors such as the desire for authentic travel experiences, a shift towards sustainable and eco-friendly tourism, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on travel preferences have contributed to the rise of experiential stays in India.

Among these, the allure of yurts has emerged as a captivating trend, offering travellers a blend of rustic charm, luxury, and cultural immersion. As we navigate this ever-changing landscape of travel and hospitality, yurt glamping is one such trend that has seamlessly integrated into the Indian landscape of experiential and sustainable travel. Glamping — short for glamour-camping — has opened the door for travellers who seek unforgettable outdoor experiences but want all the comforts a luxury hotel would offer. This is the simple reason glamping is a hit across the world today — it brings in all the fun of camping but with luxury. And leading the glamping story in the US, Europe, and now in India is an ancient Mongolian concept — the yurt. 

Yurts have a rich history and have transformed through civilizations. Today, yurts are way more luxurious than one could ever imagine. They have been able to captivate travellers seeking a unique blend of comfort and nature. Let's delve further into why Glamping in a Yurt should be on a traveller's 2024 bucket list. 

Connection with Nature

At the heart of yurt glamping lays a profound connection with nature. Nestled amidst breathtaking landscapes, the yurt becomes a gateway to the wonders of the natural world. Hoteliers and travellers across the globe are opting for yurts over conventional accommodation for this very specific reason. As temporary structures, yurts can bring the inhabitants closer to the action. They can be installed in places where conventional structures are prohibited, like coastal zones and wildlife areas. This gets one up close and personal with nature, giving them an enchanted and the most real experience of what their destination has to offer, but in a comfortable way. Today, For stargazers and moon gazers, the modern yurt has a transparent and openable dome that brings the night sky above the bed. During the day, the light from the dome travels across the yurt, which is a must-see and a must-experience. 

Unique and Comfortable Accommodation

One of the most remarkable aspects of yurt glamping is its versatility across all seasons
One of the most remarkable aspects of yurt glamping is its versatility across all seasonsShutterstock

The yurt embodies the essence of glamping, seamlessly merging luxury with the rugged beauty of the great outdoors. Step inside and find an enveloped haven of comfort, complete with plush bedding, cosy furnishings, and all the amenities that can be expected from top-tier accommodation. The dome in yurts is also a natural thermostat — open the dome, and the hot air lifts out, and cooler air enters through the windows, making the yurt glamping experience naturally comfortable and pleasant.

Eco-Friendly Holidays

For the conscious traveller, yurts are a remarkably eco-friendly option to conventional construction or even other new concepts like geodesic domes and container rooms. High-quality, luxury yurts are made of ethically sourced and sustainable wood, as well as architectural fabric. As temporary structures, their impact on the location is minimal, making one's holiday absolutely guilt-free.

Ancient, But Built for Social Media

The yurt is an ancient idea created by Mongolian nomads. As shepherds and cattle herders, they needed a structure that would hold up to the relentless winds of the Mongolian steppes. But strangely, that ancient idea is today's social media favourite. Around the world, yurts have become so popular with travellers that renowned travel stay aggregators now have a segment solely for yurts. Yurt accommodation is now available in various locations across India — beaches, wildlife zones, and the mountains. And some of the yurts on offer are so attractive that the experience will stay with the traveller long after the holiday has ended.

Accessibility and Affordability

Contrary to popular belief, glamping in a yurt is not reserved solely for the elite traveller. With a growing number of yurt camps and retreats around the world, this immersive experience has become increasingly accessible to travellers of all backgrounds and budgets. Whether you're embarking on a weekend getaway or planning an extended adventure, yurt glamping offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional accommodations without compromising on comfort or luxury.

Perfect for All Seasons

One of the most remarkable aspects of yurt glamping is its versatility across all seasons. From cosy winter retreats adorned with crackling fireplaces and steaming hot tubs to balmy summer escapes surrounded by lush greenery and endless sunshine, the yurt adapts seamlessly to the changing seasons. Whether seeking a snowy wonderland or a sun-drenched paradise, the yurt beckons year-round, promising unforgettable experiences no matter the weather.

Over the years, the Indian tourist has transitioned into a traveller. The evolved Indian traveller does not travel for the destination or what it has to offer alone; they travel for the experience. Yurts and other concepts like the yurt set new benchmarks for hoteliers as the traveller looks for unique, eco-friendly experiences alongside the destination. Yurts are perfect for travellers seeking to connect with nature without the accompanying blood, sweat, and tears. They are making yurt glamping a promising, unforgettable, luxurious experience, close to the action for the travel bucket list in 2024. 

Praveen Krishnaiah is the Co-Founder of The Out Factory

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