Top Luxury Resorts Near Delhi For A Perfect Weekend Getaway

Planning your long weekend getaway? We have just the right suggestions for you. Head to these stunning luxury resorts, just a few hours' drive away from Delhi, and immerse yourself in the resplendence of the royal era
Amanbagh is only five hours away by road from Delhi
Amanbagh is only five hours away by road from DelhiOfficial Website/Amanbagh

The long weekend is almost here, and there's no reason to delay your planning on how to spend it. But if you have already done that and decided to take it slow and set on for a luxurious staycation, we're here to help you in the next, and the most important, step: finding the right stay. While Delhi folks have many options to choose from, a staycation demands that you spoil yourself with the best of luxury and comfort. And nothing achieves that better than a stay at a heritage resort. If you have been looking for a luxury resort near Delhi that capture the royal era's resplendence, check these out.


The private pool at Amanbagh
The private pool at

Set in the rugged terrains of the Aravalli Hills, just a few hours from Jaipur, this luxury resort near Delhi may remain camouflaged with its sand-coloured interior but hide unparalleled luxury within its spacious suites and pavilions, complete with a private swimming pool and sunlit courtyards. While Amanbagh's palatial facade borrows inspiration from Mughal architecture, its interiors are drenched in warm tones and further enhanced by meticulously crafted wooden interiors and plush textiles. 

While there's a lot to be impressed by, the bathtub carved out of Udaipur green marble in the Garden Haveli Suite ranks the highest. Next in line are the private terraces and the stunning views of its manicured gardens. Equally impressive are the Private Pavillion, with a private pool and a garden courtyard, and the Courtyard Haveli Suite, a serene private outdoor dining area perfect for al fresco dining. 

While you may already feel relaxed as you set foot here, there are many curated wellness experiences you can indulge in to do away with the city blues. Practice hatha yoga and meditation with their private sunrise sessions at the Pratapgarh fort, built in 1775 or experience the relieving Ayurvedic treatments like Abhyanga. 

If you wish to explore nearby attractions, plan a day trip to the ancient Somsagar Lake that was built in 1598 at the time of Emperor Akbar's visit to Ajabgarh, hike up to the Meena village of Kala Para, or explore Rajasthan's fascinating wildlife at Sariska Tiger Reserve located only a 45-minute drive away. For details on tariffs, visit here

Distance from Delhi: 285 km 

Sheikhpura Kothi 

Every room features vintage furniture with intricate wood carvings
Every room features vintage furniture with intricate wood carvingsInstagram/Sheikhpura Kothi

If you have often swooned over Sanjay Leela Bhansali's sets, Sheikhpura Kothi's period setting will capture your imagination. This 150-year-old restored mansion and now boutique resort has its old-world charm intact, with rooms featuring intricate woodwork and vintage furniture. However, the yesteryear beauty is not just reserved for the rooms and the suites–consider a few strikes at their billiards corner that looks straight out of a 90s film. Their well-stocked library is another great spot to enjoy quiet time within the property. 

If you are a history buff, Sheikhpura Kothi's proximity to several historically significant locations is another reason why you must head to this luxury resort near Delhi for a weekend getaway. You can visit nearby the Firoz Shah Palace and Fort and the Asigarh Fort, also known as Prithvi Raj Chauhan ka Qila. To journey deeper into the past, visit Rakhigarhi, an Indus Valley Civilisation archaeological site. For details on tariffs, visit here

Distance from Delhi: 155 km 

Alsisar Mahal

Alsisar Mahal also hosts the popular Magnetic Fields Festival, usually held in December
Alsisar Mahal also hosts the popular Magnetic Fields Festival, usually held in DecemberInstagram/Alsisar Mahal

In the artistically rich town of Shekhawati's Alsisar village, the 17th-century Alsisar Mahal continues to shine like a gemstone at the centre of a crown. The gorgeous colourful frescos, sprawling gardens, regal dining arcades and palatial rooms make you feel like royalty as soon as you set foot into it. Add to that their top-notch hospitality, with friendly staff regaling you with interesting stories from around and promptly tending to your needs, and you will find out why Alsisar Mahal has become a sought-after escape for travellers. 

If you are an art lover, Alsisar Mahal's bright walls, intricately carved wooden furniture, and wonderful usage of Rajasthan's textile craft for furnishing will enchant you. Apart from the comfortable and spacious rooms, the Alsisar Mahal has many other interesting nooks, such as the all-blue Badal Mahal or the capturing World War II lounge, housing antiques and treasures, including a half-cut US Army Jeep. Evenings are best spent at the Dungeon Bar and Lounge–a dimly lit, low-ceiling room where prisoners of the Palace were kept hidden centuries ago has now been transformed into a speakeasy-like bar. 

In case you want to explore the village (you absolutely must!), the Mahal willingly organises interesting and immersive excursions, such as the fresco trail tour that covers Alsisar's old havelis in search of the legendary frescoes of Shekhawati. For details on tariffs, visit here

Distance from Delhi: 231.6 km 

Alila Bishangarh

The 233-year-old Bishangarh fort
The 233-year-old Bishangarh fort Instagram /Alila Fort Bishangarh

Just 6 km from the Delhi-Jaipur Highway, the regal and impregnable 233-year-old fort stands proudly amidst the rugged landscape of Bishangarh village. While the fort has survived to tell the tales of Shahpura royalty, a part of it has been reconstructed to extend the experience through unparalleled hospitality. 

Alila Bishangarh's 59 stately rooms and suites have been tastefully designed to showcase the best Jaipur gharana architecture, including large bay windows that surprise with stunning countryside and mountain views. To experience true royal treatment, opt for the Presidential Suite with a private terrace at this luxury resort near Delhi. 

During your stay at Alila, spoil yourself with wellness treatments and private sunrise yoga sessions, or learn to prepare an authentic Rajasthani spread with their Rajasthani Rasoda Masterclass. If you have a knack for adventure, hop on for a horse ride and explore the dried river bed Madhuveni. You can also dig deeper into learning about Rajasthan's local crafts by heading out for a guided excursion through the village market, where you can also interact with local artisans. 

For details on tariffs, visit here

Distance from Delhi: 240.2 km 

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