Here's Why Alsisar Should Be On Your Travel List This December

With fresco carvings, old Havelis, and a star-studded Music Festival, this small desert town has a lot to explore.
Alsisar Mahal
Alsisar Mahal

The golden land, Rajasthan, is studded with a rich heritage. Every little town has a story worth telling, places worth seeing, and traditions worth knowing. One such town is found hidden amid the desert and in the district of Jhunjhunu&ndashAlsisar. Once given as a gift by Thakur Pahad Singh of Heerwa to his son, Alsisar has always been a land of many surprises. In 1783 AD, the son, Thakur Samarth Singh, realised that and made it his capital. 

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Inside the Alsisar Mahal

Now, the town has moulded its heritage and history into a unique experience for the ones who visit. The Alsisar Mahal, which displays the excellence of Rajput architecture and the exuberant life of the Rajput Kings, has been transformed into a luxurious abode for travellers. If you have ever wondered what royal life holds&ndashmake your way here to find the answer. The walls of the Mahal tell this town's historical tales through intricate and awe-inspiring fresco carvings. Standing just as proud as the Mahal are Alsisar's Havelis. If the fresco art inside the Mahal has you wanting to see more, then make your way through the ochre-coloured lanes to the Havelis here (especially Ram Jas Jhunjhunwala ki Haveli). They are just as glorious and with history as enigmatic. 

The Magnetic Fields Festival brings the best of music, culture and art together

Bringing you back from history is the three-day Magnetic Fields Festival. This festival is an extravagant celebration of Indian and international music, colouring the rustic town in eccentric shades. The festival is a starry event with many well-known international and Indian artists performing&ndashthis year, the line-up includes global favourites like Young Marco, Ben UFO, and Anthony Naples, among many more. Apart from an enthralling musical evening, you can also taste many local and global flavours from the food stalls. If you want to pick up a souvenir or a quirky curio, you are lucky&ndashthe festival also invites many homegrown brands and small businesses to set up their kiosks. 

It's pretty easy to reach Alsisar from most northern cities. The nearest railway station is Sadulpur Junction, approximately four hours from the town. If you are travelling by air, book a flight to Jaipur, from where you can hail a private cab. Alsisar is well-connected via road as well&ndashit is a 6-hour drive away from Delhi and a 4-hour drive away from Jaipur.

Route from Delhi Gurgaon-Rewari-Narnol-Singhana-Chirawa-Jhunjhunu-Alsisar 

Route from Jaipur Jaipur-Chomu-Sikar-Nawalgarh-Jhunjhunu-Alsisar

Dates of the festival 9th to 11th December 

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