7 Remotest Glamping Spots In The World

Glamping is a unique idea to explore the great outdoors while remaining safe. Explore the various isolated glamping spots globally for an exhilarating experience
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Glamping, a fusion of glamour and camping, lets you embrace the great outdoors without sacrificing luxury. Unlike traditional camping, it offers extraordinary amenities while maintaining a natural setting. From the campsite to the tents, glamping provides a unique outdoor experience.

Worldwide, remote glamping sites abound. Whether you're stargazing at Chamba Camp in India or waking up in Iceland's snow-covered Bubble Lodge, these hidden gems offer a chance to connect with nature in style.

Explore a redefined experience of luxury travel by immersing yourself in the world's remotest glamping spots.

1. Bubble Lodge, Iceland

The Bubble Lodge
The Bubble Lodgereadingwithkt/instagram

One of the remotest glamping sites in the word is tucked away in a forest on a farm in Hrosshagi along Iceland's Golden Circle. The Bubble Lodge is often also referred to as the "five million star hotel". This unique accommodation is an inflatable plastic bubble that comes equipped with top-tier amenities, allowing you to experience the Northern Lights from the comfort of your own bed. The heating system ensures that you stay warm and cosy throughout your stay. In addition, there are heated cabins nearby that offer bathrooms, Wi-Fi, and other essential amenities. You can rest easy knowing that the bubbles in this remote area of Iceland are entirely safe. Iceland is considered the safest country in the world and is relatively free of crime.

Cost: A night in each bubble costs between INR 22,800 to INR 23,640 (ISK 28,900 - 29,900) per night.

Best Time To Visit: Between mid-August and March.

2. EcoCamp, Chile


EcoCamp Patagonia is an eco-friendly accommodation located in Torres del Paine National Park, South America. Inspired by the Kaweskar people's lifestyle, it embodies Patagonia's ancient nomads' spirit. During the day, travellers can explore the wilderness through guided treks and wildlife tours. In the evening, you can enjoy dinner with fellow travellers before sleeping in a cosy geodesic dome while gazing at the stars. Waking up amidst Patagonia's stunning scenery and being ready for a day of hiking is a highlight. EcoCamp Patagonia is South America's first sustainable accommodation south of the Amazon and the only one of its kind in the region.

Cost: The rates for staying at EcoCamp begins from INR 16,000 per night.

Best Time To Visit: From September to early May.

3. Highlands Camp, Tanzania

Highlands Camp
Highlands Campawaywithauntiek/instagram

Highlands Camp is one of the most secluded sites for glamping and situated in the Ngorongoro Highlands, about 40 km north of the Ngorongoro Crater and near the Olmoti Volcano. The camp is located at the edge of a mountain forest, and its dome tents are placed 50 - 65 ft apart to ensure privacy and tranquillity. There are eight dome suites, each with a canvas structure and a large curved window that offers lovely views of the surrounding area. The suites have modern en-suite bathrooms, hot showers, flushing toilets, and king-sized beds. Wood-burning stoves are provided to keep guests warm on cooler nights. The camp offers outdoor activities like game drives, crater descents, Olmoti nature walks, Empakaai crater descents (famous for pink flamingos), and visits to local Maasai villages.

Cost: It costs INR 75,400 per night for staying in the Highlands Camp.

Best Time To Visit: late June to October

4. Longitude 131˚, Australia

Longitude 131˚
Longitude 131˚look.book.live/instagram

Longitude 131˚ is an exceptional luxury campsite in Australia, renowned for its breathtaking Uluru and Kata Tjuta vistas. The camp features sixteen tented pavilions spread throughout the Central Desert, allowing you to immerse yourself in the outback's rich culture while enjoying a luxurious stay. The camp boasts a collection of Aboriginal art and historical artefacts, a restaurant that serves contemporary Australian cuisine, and friendly staff who are always willing to engage in conversation. This camp is the ideal starting point for exploring the Red Centre.

Cost: It will cost travellers INR 1,65,890 per night to enjoy the luxuries of Longitude 131˚.

Best Time To Visit: From June and October.

5. Sun City Camp, Jordan

Sun City Camp
Sun City Campourtravelviews/instagram

Sun City Camp in Wadi Rum is one of the top camps in the area. The tents are modern, spacious, and equipped with en-suite bathrooms. Guests consistently praise the warm hospitality and excellent service provided by the staff. Each dome is fully furnished with beds, AC/heating, en-suite bathrooms, a kettle for tea and coffee, a wardrobe, and a small sitting area. The camp has a main dining tent with an outdoor dining area where guests can enjoy local meals served buffet-style. In addition, the camp actively supports the local Bedouin community and collaborates with Bedouin guides for desert tours. Outdoor activities include hot air balloon rides, hiking, trekking, climbing, jeep tours, camel rides, and star gazing.

Cost: The camp offers regular Bedouin-style tents for about INR 16,590 per night and Martian Domes with transparent panels for around INR 24,900 per night.

Best Time To Visit: From February to April and August to October.

6. The Kingfisher Lodge, UAE

The Kingfisher Lodge
The Kingfisher Lodgemalulein_photography/instagram

The Kingfisher Lodge, located in Sharjah's Kalba, is a serene eco-tourism retreat on the coast of the Gulf of Oman. Their boutique hotel offers 20 luxurious tents, each featuring a private pool and breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean and mangrove forests, which house turtle breeding and rare bird species. Travellers can experience world-class Arabian hospitality, chic rooms equipped with modern amenities, and unwind by the beach. The dining options range from decadent buffets to a-la-carte menus. Adventure enthusiasts can enjoy various activities, such as kayaking, paddleboarding, nature walks, bird watching, hiking, archery, high ropes courses, mountain biking, and water sports. You can also relax at the spa, which uses locally sourced ingredients.

Cost: Staying at the Kingfisher Lodge will cost travellers INR 21,070 per night.

Best Time To Visit: From November to March.

7. Chamba Camp, India

Chamba Camp
Chamba Camptcsworldtravel/instagram

Chamba Camp is a luxury campsite in the Ladakh mountains that offers guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in local Buddhist culture. During the day, visitors can explore scenic monasteries, and in the evenings, they can enjoy private dining experiences that feature ingredients harvested from the camp's organic garden. Chamba Camp is only open between May and October.

Cost: It will cost INR 70,500 per night to enjoy glamping at the Chamba Camp.

Best Time To Visit: From July to September.

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