One With Nature Bookmark These Beautiful Glasshouses Around The World

While you travel in search of offbeat experiences, don't hesitate to find stays in sync with the approach. Book a stay at one of these stunning glasshouses, where you can enjoy the magic of being out in nature, even when cosy within
Representative image, Photo Credit Shutterstock
Representative image, Photo Credit Shutterstock

Glasshouses are becoming increasingly popular among tourists seeking offbeat accommodation experiences as they are a perfect alternative to traditional hotels. With their expansive glass walls, glasshouse accommodations allow uninterrupted views of the happening surroundings, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor connection. Here are the top 5 beautifully designed glasshouses you should consider booking when planning a vacation at the following destinations.

Taara House, Manali

Perched atop a hill 6,600 feet above sea level, this cosy cottage is conveniently located a mere 3 kilometres from the city centre and a mere half kilometre from the iconic Hadimba Temple. Imbued with a timeless blend of classic and mid-modern aesthetics, the two-bedroom cottage is meticulously crafted from reclaimed and recycled wood. Its most captivating feature is the glass house, offering a unique dining experience under the twinkling stars or a tranquil spot for basking in the warm sun. Click here&nbspfor more details. 

Manakau PurePod, New Zealand

Over 200 acres of this property have been restored to a natural bush, ensuring the preservation of nearby waterways, protecting hillsides from erosion, and providing a haven for one of New Zealand's largest populations of South Island robins. This eco-cabin features clear glass windows that provide beautiful views of the Seaward Kaikoura Mountain Range. The bathroom offers a shower with scenic surroundings, while the kitchenette comes equipped with a refrigerator and stove, complete with a barbeque setup on the deck. Click here&nbspfor more details. 

Glass Igloos, Finland

You'll find these cosy heated glass igloos near the northernmost tip of mainland Europe. The beds are designed to transform into comfortable reclining lounges, allowing you to enjoy views of the starry sky easily. The property also offers a smoke sauna, one of the largest in the world, and a bar and restaurant for your convenience. As you gaze ahead, you'll be awed by the sights of reindeer farms, arctic trees, and expansive skiing slopes stretching as far as the eye can see. Click here&nbspfor more details.

Kingston Treehouse, South Africa

The tree house hotel offers a unique experience with its glass walls, allowing guests to feel intimately connected with the region's untamed wildlife. Your stay includes a delightful picnic dinner and access to spirits and house wines. For convenience and comfort, the Kingston Treehouse provides full washroom facilities and Africology products to enhance your experience. Click here&nbspfor more details.

Aurora Glass Cabin, Finland

The Aurora Glass Cabin features a thoughtfully designed three-panel glass structure that offers stunning views of the northern lights on the horizon. Inside the heated cabin is a cosy space with a minibar, two roll-out beds, a TV set, and a warm shower. Its Wilderness Centre provides a range of exciting activities, including husky rides, reindeer safaris, and northern lights hunting. Click here&nbspfor more details.

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