An illustration of all things heritage in Lucknow
An illustration of all things heritage in Lucknow

Here's Why You Need To Know More About The Lucknawi Heritage

Take a visual tour of some of the best Lucknawi attractions that make this city a haven for the historically inclined

We all know Lucknow as the City of Nawabs or the city of "Pehle aap, pehle aap" (after you, after you), in short, City of Tehzeeb (etiquette). No talk of Lucknow is complete without a mention of the popular chikan embroidery and melt-in-the-mouth galauti kabab. But here we are not going to talk about the usual. We'll talk about the city's heritage. Well, a little usual perhaps. Heritage is in no way a minor topic of discussion but then people talk more about the delicious kabab than about the 1881 Husainabad Clock Tower which is one of the tallest clocktowers in India or even about the stunning Bada Imambara (right). We are going to change that here. Here are, in pictures, seven of these popular heritage spots in Lucknow that you as a traveller must visit. They hold great stories, stories of how the city was transferred from hand to hand--Delhi Sultanate to Mughal Empire to Nawabs of Awadh and finally to the British in 1857. A city rich in history and even richer architecture, deserves your attention.

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