The Prettiest Cities for your Instagram Bucketlist

In a departure from the usual lists of gorgeous places, we bring to you places that you probably knew less about. So let the show begin
A pretty common sight in Havana
A pretty common sight in Havana

You know what's even more predictable and monotonous than the monoliths that are propping up throughout the world It's a list of the world's most Instagrammable places&mdasha thing so done to death now that you'd probably not even read further. But when a top international travel outlet conducts a survey with a sample size of 6,00,000 about the places they thought get the most attention on Instagram, it does stop one in the tracks.

With travel undergoing an inside-out reboot currently and you probably looking to draw up another bucketlist as things on the health front improve, we decided to give the list our own spin. Ditching the usual destinations&mdashAmsterdam, Seoul, Las Vegas, and Prague&mdashnot to mention table-toppers Tokyo, Sydney, Dubai, Paris and New York City, we drew up a list of our picks from the top 50.


Full of friendly residents, this massively underrated, out-and-out outdoors city is full of Instagram-worthy spots that'll truly leave you sleepless in Seattle. From its parks and markets to museums, galleries and the futuristic Space Needle, you'll never run short of inspiration while here.

In picture The iconic Pike Place Market, which is quite a beauty at any time of the day. The spot teems with shops selling fresh produce, restaurants, artisan workshops, and other establishments. Access the directions and low-down on the self-guided walking tour here.


Yes, fookin' Bruges, as a rookie hitman out on an unplanned layover in the historical Belgian city, once said. Well, that disillusioned young man was quite in the wrong. Number 42 on the Big 7 Travel list, Bruges has endless medieval charm for you to capture, in the form of its pretty canals, cobbled alleys, lace workshops and quite a few interesting museums.

In picture&nbspPeerdenstraat bridge over Groenerei canal, said to be the most romantic of all the canals in the city


The Azerbaijani capital of Baku would have to be our favourite on this list. Everything about it&mdashfrom the quaint Old Town, the Bibi-Heybat Mosque and the walled city, to the Baku Promenade and Yashil Bazaar&mdashis a treat to the senses. In case you're intrigued why we put our weight behind it so much, check out our special guide to the city.

In picture A Russian-made Lada, the likes of which still rule the roads of Azerbaijan. In fact, they say the best way to see the country is in an old Lada


When we saw Minsk up on the list, honestly, we weren't surprised. Most people visiting it get lost in the remnants of Soviet architecture, but the Belarusian capital is regarded just as much for its 'hipster flare', great street grub and tramway system.

In picture The Nesvizh Castle, which is considered one of the most beautiful castles in the Kresy region and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, 130 kilometres from the city of Minsk


The Portuguese capital blends both coastal and hilly charm, but what makes it so pretty and number 36 on the list is its iconic landmarks including the Sao Jorge Castle, the Se Cathedral, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Belem Tower, not to forget the city's cobblestoned streets, pastel-coloured buildings and famed miradouros (lookouts). If you need help winding your way through its heritage attractions, help's right at hand.

In picture The romantic Lisbon skyline at sunset, with Jeronimo's Monastery in the background 

Sao Paulo

Brazil's bustling financial centre teems with parks, monuments and museums, and Municipal Market, the Ibirapuera Park and Paulista Avenue are among spots most commonly thronged by tourists. And if you want a taste of Switzerland in Brazil (that would be unfortunate, though), drive to the hilly town of Campos do Jordao. To capture the city's skyline at sunset, the best bet would be a rooftop restaurant.

In picture The famous Luz Station that is known for housing the Museum of the Portuguese Language


You can't really fault Camila Cabello for complaining that half of her heart is in Havana. You'll come for the pictures and will stay back for the cars&mdashthey're in such delightful profusion here.&nbspThese vintage cars that provide the Cuban capital its dash of colour aren't the only thing Instagrammable here. Far from it. Lazy walks turn on-foot excursions in Centro Habana, such is the beauty of its winding streets. And if you're in Cuba, you can't miss a tour to a cigar factory.

In picture Just cars parked on a street in Havana. That's the way it is, here


Bogota is as Instagrammable as they come. The vibrant cityscape of the Colombian capital, the historic neighbourhood of La Candelaria, the famous Museo del Oro with its facade that is a nod to gorgeous Brutalist architecture and its street art&mdashall make for superb fodder for some good old social-media vanity. 

In picture Monserrate Mountain (3.152m) towers over the city in a pleasing contrast with the cityscape and the swanky public transport system


Don't let the visual fool you&mdashIndonesia's capital city is a traveller's dream. Iconic landmarks that are must on every tourist's list include The National Monument, Merdeka Square and Istiqlal Mosque. Or pop a culture capsule with the Taman Mini Indonesia Park and the old town of Kota Tua to see some Dutch colonial architecture and Jakarta's Chinatown. Here's more of what you can do while here.

In picture Jakarta's skyline at night, with some of its best-recognised urban buildings in the frame


When it comes to travelling for Instagram, Taiwan packs quite a punch. When in Taipei, take in a bird's-eye view of the bustling capital from the top of Taipei 101 and go visiting the Museum of World Religions. Taipei's temple tours and night markets also offer plenty of opportunity for Instagrammers.  

In Picture The CKS Memorial Hall, one of Taiwan's best spots for photo-ops

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