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The Shard in London
OT Staff
With Go City, enjoy worry-free access to London's best attractions, from exclusively touring the Chelsea FC stadium to roaming the royal hallways of the romantic Eltham Palace and hitting your favouri ...
Panoramic view of the London bridge
Shashwat Tyagi
No matter how you spend your time in London, you're meant to have a delightful experience. However, there are five exceptional ones, exclusive to the British capital that you absolutely must not miss
Enjoy a stay by the river via one of the immersive experiences by 100 miles
OT Staff
From immersive stays on the banks of the Ganges to special interest tours exploring Kolkata's hidden gems, 100 Miles is a beacon of alternative tourism
Unique Experiences To Have In New Zealand
OT Staff
From cultural immersions to outdoor adventures, this island nation beckons travellers to return and discover even more of its enchanting allure
A BnA Alter Museum room
Kevin Verghese
Japan is known for its quirky inventions and their love for the peculiar can be found even in their hotels. The following hotels have themes ranging from cartoons to those staffed entirely by robots
Popular train street in Hanoi
OT Staff
Step off the beaten path and uncover the lesser-known wonders of Hanoi for an unforgettable travel experience as we discover five offbeat attractions that offer a different perspective of the city
Enjoy stunning views of the Howrah Bridge from the deck
OT Staff
Board the cruise and sail past the ancient ghats and warehouses along the river, check out the iconic brick-red Howrah Station and the ancient mansions along the shore
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By following these tips, you will be prepared to embark on a desert safari adventure that transcends the ordinary
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The ambience adds to the dining experience what salt adds to any dish. And Dubai takes it very seriously, for across its many restaurants, you can experience unusual but fantastic settings to enjoy fi ...
Try These Unique Experiences Next Time You Are In Japan
Mehak Jolly
With its perfect blend of traditional and modern, Japan is a fascinating destination that offers its visitors a range of unique experiences
India is home to various cultures, traditions, and myths. Photo Credit Shutterstock
Embark on a cultural odyssey as India unfurls its rich tapestry of traditions shaped by historical influences and the coexistence of diverse ethnicities and religions
Bird's eye-view of the Singapore city skyline
OT Staff
From the all-new Central Beach Bazaar to the SkyHelix Sentosa panoramic ride, theres so much to experience in ones next visit to the Lion City
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